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What is the limit on weapons a single unit can fire? If I have a squadron of tanks can all of them fire all their weapons? What if they moved the turn before?

What about shooting hunter killer missiles and such, can I tell a tank to fire its cannons, its sponsoons, its hullmounted gun, its pintle mounted and a hunter killer missile?

Ally rules are probably going away so lets not turn this into a mystics are cheap thread. Im just curious about the above for cheese reasons.
I barely know anything about the IG :p but on the squad firing i can answer.

There are no limits on how much a squad can fire, the restrictions only count for the individual tanks (see BRB pg. 58):
non fast vehicles who stayed stationary may fire all their weapons, if they moved 6" or less they may fire 1 weapon and their defensive weapons (str4 or less) and when they moved more than 6" they may fire no weapons.

The missile can be fired but counts as firing a weapon when firing (or defensive weapon if its str 4 or less)
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