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Here is my first army i ever came up with, I bought the CSM codax about a week ago and have never played WH40K before. I have a few friends who didnt want me to play chaos....but I did. I like there style. any ways heres the army list:

Chaos Lord - 90pts

CSM x 9 - 145
Auto cannon

CSM x 9 - 145pts
Auto Cannon

3 Termenators - 120pts
3 lightning claws

500pts even.

also I was thinking of dropping the LC on the termies and adding another one. 4 termenators in a 500pts game sounds sooooo cool!

Any ways let me know what you all think. also I got a sweet idea for a themed army that im going to play. called "The Valentine Bloods".

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Just a heads up, but you CSM squads can only have autocannons if the squad numbers 10 or more. Some potential problems are that with three lightning claw terminators, you have almost no ranged threat. And with no autocannons for your CSM, you are lacking in range even more. Having a close combat army isn't a problem if you have someway to get your units into closer range quickly. However, a flaw with this list is that your units are stuck moving 6 inches a turn with nothing to do but move untill your bolters get into range. Also, I might suggest taking Chosen instead of Terminators. Although I don't use them, Terminators are propably going to attract a significant amount of firepower, especially close combat oriented ones. Despite having the upgraded save and better stats, I don't see a unit of 3 surviving long enough to make a significant contribution. Although it is a good tactic to have a "bait" unit, that draws fire away from other units, the terminators are a pretty significant portion of your points. You might want to take points from your terminators to deck out your Lord, although this might make him just as much a target as your terminator unit. My suggestion would be to take a 5 man Chosen squad, since they will provide more troops and fufill a ranged role that your army lacks without autocannons. You can equip one with a plasma gun, or an autocannon if you particularly like that weapon. Also a chosen squad will save enough money to give your Lord a few small upgrades to make him a more viable threat. Overall I think Chosen is a better way to go at the 500 point level. I would save the terminators till you have enough points to include 5 or more.

Hope I helped.:)

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HQ (120)

Chaos Lord
-Terminator Armor, Twin Linked Bolter, Power Weapon


Chaos Space Marine Squad (105)
-6 Marines
-1 Plasma Gun

Noise Marine Squad (150)
-6 Marines
-6 Sonic Blasters


Chaos Terminator Squad (125)
-3 Terminators
-1 Reaper Autocannon
-1 Pair, Lightning Claws

Go, go forth and KILL! KILL!!!

Attach the Lord to your Terminator squad

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Good Start

It is good to see you have embraced the need for a strong core of good ole CSM's. As a new player, it can be very tempting to want to take the cool high powered units like the termies. When I started my first army (eldar) in 2nd edition i am pretty sure i didn't have a single basic foot soldier, just wraithlords and aspect warriors (and a deck of wargear cards, lol)

I would recommend just pick up more marines! You could up one of your squads to ten to get that needed heavy weapon, and then maybe kit one up for close up fighting with a champion and a flamer. The flexibility and staying power of marines will serve you well in a small battle. Unless your opponent is specifically kitted up for anti-marine, they will have a tough time taking out your large number of troops. With the termies, one well placed ordnance or volley of AP2 shots and you just lost a third of your army!

As your army grows, you can fill gaps as they arrive and you get a feel for playing. Don't try plug holes before they exist, because you may inadvertently create larger ones!

BTW good luck and welcome to 40K!
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