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This is what I’ve got at the moment (model wise) so I’m looking at where to go next.
This comes to just over 2000 pts at the moment (2090)

Most of my choices were made on the very sound tactical basis that I liked the model :p

As I havent played 40k since abour Rogue Trader some advice would be appreciated, but this isn’t going to be particularly competitive and will primarily be used againts orks (if that makes a difference).

Next Steps
- Enlarge the bike squad with a few more bikes and an attack bike.
- Land Raider for my Terminators
- I’d like some land speeders


Captain Cato Sicarius [200pts]

Command Squad [230pts]
- Champion
- Company Standard
- Powersword & Bolt Pistol
- Flamer & Bolt Pistol,
- Chainsword & Bolt Pistol

- Twin-Linked Heavy Bolter
- Storm Bolter
- Hunter-Killer Missile
- Dozer Blade
- Extra Armour

Tactical Squad #2 [210pts]
- 10 Marines
- Sgt: Bolt Pistol & chainsword
- Missile Launcher
- Melta Gun
- Rhino

Tactical Squad #2 [215pts]
- 10 Marines
- Sgt: Bolt Gun & Bolt Pistol
- Las Cannon
- Flamer
- Rhino

Scout Squad #1 [200pts]
- 10 Scouts
- Sgt Telion
- Heavy Bolter

Venerable Dreadnaught [200pts]
- Assault Cannon
- Heavy Flamer
- Extra Armour

Terminator Squad [230pts]
- Storm Bolter & Powersword
- Assault Cannon
- 2x Chainfists

Fast Attack
Assault Squad [220pts]
- 10 marines
- Sgt: Power weapon Bolt Pistol
- Flamer

Space Marine Bike Squad [125pts]
- 3 bikes
- Sgt: Power Weapon
- Plasma Gun
- Flamer

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad [260pts]
- 10 Marines
- Sgt: Bolt Pistol & Chainsword
- Heavy Bolter x2
- Plasma Cannon
- Lascannon

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Firstly you're 90 points over your list so you need to shave that off some where, you do this by dropping sicarius. Sicarius adds nothing to the army like vulkan does for example and you can field a regular captain for a lot cheaper points and same wargear more or less.

Command squad is costing a lot of points and in combat against the wrong unit they will die rapidly. You want a close combat support unit for a HQ then go terminators. You also don't need all those upgrades on the razorback, only take H-K's en'masse.

Tact squads are ok but add combi weapons to the sgts if you can.

Veneral dread is expensive and you should take in pairs. I'd drop it for a normal dread tbh.

Assault terminators are better, though if you plan on deep striking these which you should do because of the short range power then get teleporter homers.

I would drop the assault squad and go all bikes; they're tougher and can move quicker. Just sort out the special weapons so they have two the same.

Devs are expensive and mixed up. If you do take them make sure you take the same tools for the job and not a mix ;)
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