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Hello guys! Last night I sat down and remembered I had to make a thunderwolf with thunderhammer and stormshield before the tournament that is due tomorrow.
I started to rumble around in my bits, and came up with an awesome idea, this!:

I have never made such a "ugly" conversion before, but I find it highly amusing. It's so ugly that it's awesome! :p
I made it from a bit to attach a dozerblade, 2 round bases, 2 fantasy archer bases, a goblin wolf, and a space wolf. After that its just a little greenstuff and a string.
It's not a thing I am proud of, but I wanted to show it to you guys anyway!

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agreed, it's pretty awesome from the aspect of "rummaged around my bit box and came up with this". You paint the SW and worg in standard colors then paint/decorate the rest in Ork colors lol

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