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I am 42 years old, and i have only been involved with Warhammer 40k for about 18 months now, it started with me acquiring my first novel which was Space Wolves Omnibus Vol 1, i read through that in a matter of about 2 weeks, i am an avid reader, and after i had read Vol 2, followed by both Ultramarines Novels i decided that i would start Building my own "little men" and here is the first guy that i painted

Now as you can see he is AWFUL, but this was my fist model i had ever painted on my life, i am a member of another WH40K forum and i posted the picture there and was given some kind words of encouragement, about mold lines, thinking my paints, using a palette etc, so i took those lessons on board and this is my second effort

Obviously from the shoulder pad you can see i also had my Codex, and had decided to make my first model a Wolf Guard, and looking further through my Codex i decided to make the rest of the squad Terminator Wolf Guard

After Posting that picture in the other forum I was told about drilling the barrels, so i was learning Constantly

I was starting to learn more and more techniques, i learnt about highlighting, although i wasn't very good at it, and so i moved on to a Long Fang with Las Cannon

As you can see not brilliant but improving with every mini (IMHO) then came Long Fang with a missile Launcher

I was now feeling that something was missing, i kept getting told about "washing" my mini's and i couldn't translate what i was being told into actual practice so i headed down to my local Games Workshop outlet for a quick painting lesson

I'd found the missing element from my Painting, so I applied what i had learnt to more of my mini's...

I then Decided i would paint some Scouts, so here they are

And then i Painted the start of my Blood Claws and Grey Hunters

Then i turned my hand to a Lone wolf i converted Njal Stormcaller into my Lone Wolf

After building him i decided i should probably look at some Heavy Transport

Not a bad attempt for a first attempt at something large and at this point i DIDNT have an airbrush, then i bought an Airbrush and i painted a Vindicator

Then my latest Project was the servitors and Iron Priest

and thats my Journey so far, Thank you for looking, and thank you in advance for any and all comments :yahoo:

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Looks like we're on a similar journey... also a fellow 71' who is slowly progressing through the SW Army and having fun doing it with the daughter at the same time (she "borrows" the SW for school).

Not quite sure how much gaming you get in but I found that the more I played, the more I realised that the original strategies had to change and that led to other acquisitions to the base unit to fill in those defensive/offensive gaps! That obviously meant more painting as well... the fun never stops!!!

Anyway good to see your collection and will definitely follow this one as you continue on the journey!
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