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Hi everone

Though pass onto the Wolves.

Recently I took my brand new Space Wolves force to there first tournament on Sat, being ELG (Edinbrugh wargaming club) Counter Attack. For the past five year I been useing my might Iron Warriors but for this year I though I'd take a little break as they got a lot of honour to there names from a few Best painted (Rapid Fire 09, Counter Attack 09) or being close (1 vote from tie Rapid Fire 08, was close to being pick UKGT 09 & top 3 in Conflict Scotland 2005 to name but a few) & my Iron Warriors having played 590 games in total over the years I recorded them.

So for this year tournament session I pick Space Wolves, had a 13th company in the past & then start a Wolves army before the codex came out. But this was all done from scratch when I saw the new models & though I go a bit more indepth & also Space Wolves offer a lot of conversion just like Chaos Marines :D & Wolves use part I like playing game wse, Mobilt Warfare (I like tanks) & close combat as nothing more fun than kicking oppent teeth in.

Sorry if the photos are a bit blurry but camera was acting a bit funny through out the day.
Anyway the just of this is, for there first tournament, I walk away with Best painted/player chose award where the people that the event voted for my army

I really like the Eldar terrain here

While my friend Dave who was also that the event took a video of my army (was not expsecting this, so cool to see the video)


Really enjoy useing the Space Wolves, play like my chaos (in term of the amount of attack with Bolt Pistol, CCW, etc..), but with the extra of the Imperial, like Land Speeders, Razorbacks & most all..... dreadnoughts which will not destroy you........well if a Plasma Cannon dose not scatter back (Round 3 in the report exsplain all on this, this will make for a funny saga) :mellow: :D
My report by here


So got two more tournament this year being
Stirling Wargaming club Rapid Fire - 23rd, 1750pts
UKGT in Warhammer World in Nottingham - 20th & 21st of Nov.

Really happy with how the army has turn out overall. I'll be trying to get better photos hopeful today & try get unit by unit.

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