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Their eyes look like they are hyped up on stims.
It's 40K dude, I wouldn't be particularly surprised if they were.

I like these, but I'd like to offer a few ideas:

1. Blood Red is a very transparent colour - it's very easy to see the colour underneath it when you paint it on. To counter this, I use a light brown (Calthan Brown, Khemri Brown are both good examples) as a basecoat on the areas i'm going to paint red.
2. Highlighting black is always going to be a pain, but you never get better if you don't try eh? I tend to do one of two methods:
a) overbrush Codex Grey on the surface that's going to be black, and then give it a fairly heavy wash of Badab Black, or
b) Do an extreme edge highlight of Adeptus Battlegrey on the hard edges , and then in the middle of the hard edges (I.E. in the middle of the first highlight) do a smaller highlight of Codex Grey.

Still, this is a good start, and good on you for getting the courage to post your stuff on the 'net (the harsh wasteland that it is).
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