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Basically I got jealous of KF making Armageddon dudes... so i clambered in the loft and dug out my box of old catachan and the left over sprew. An hour in the freezer and i snapped a bunch of bits onto the cutting board and got to work. I had battle-scribe in the background tweaking here and there, so the guys modeled are pretty much wisiwig. I made an ogryn years ago to play inquisitor with and the sniper and sergeant are also from that era (bar the new plastic bits which i added to modernize them.
The squad is a sgt who will eventually become a bit of a gunslinger, a sniper, flamer guy, 3 vets and 2 recruits (i keep wanting to say juve)....

hope you like them - sorry for shit pics.

KF; i told the mrs it was your fault i got the guard out. chrs for taking the bullet!


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