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My Rhino With The New Dozer Blade

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This is my Rhino with a Chimera Dozer Blade I just installed. What do you think?
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I dont know what happened but the image wouldn't show. - Scratch that I got it to work.
thats a good looking dozer blade. where did you get it from?
It is a Chimera Dozer Blade that I got off of Ebay [New out of box], it was about $3:25 for the Dozer Blade and then it was about $5:00 shipping [which it always sucks when the shipping is more than the cost of the product]. They did not send the hydraulics though. All in all it's great.
Nice work :eek:k:. The colours look quite good and this reminds me that I should probably paint some of my models....

On a different note you are not supposed to put colons in between dollars and cents when you write an amount of money i.e., you use a full stop.
Yeah I like the new color scheme too, because when they were first painted up the dreadnought and rhino had brown and black instead of red, so I changed that because the brown didn't look good. I dont know if you notice in my full army picture I posted in the gallery, but the red on the dreadnought and the rhino is brighter than on the soldiers, because they have a brown undercoat not a black undercoat. And yeah, I forgot you put a dot not a colon, it looked kind of weird as i was typing it.
I saw your other images in the gallery, they look good, nice work. Oh and you were probably thinking of time when you used the colon. +reputation
Thank you.
The dozer blade is a good size for the Rhino. I think it works well - marines can still see out of their vision slits.
Yeah, I like this dozer blade the best out of all of them, the forgeworld rhino dozer blade is to big for it, im pretty sure the forgeworld one is taller than the tank, and it has no vision holes.
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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