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hi all i dont get on here much due to work commitments and possibly cos i am a little shy about this still. it took ages for me to pluck up the courage to write for the old BL forums when i was Justice anyway ages ago i decided to create my own space marine leigon and after a few re-writes i am considering putting it on here.
i took one of the so called missing leigons and called them the Spartan Guard from a world that was the exact twin of earth (a rumour i think that some sci fi fans might agree with) before she became the hell hole that she is now. Lucian Dragos was discovered by the Emperor with Lorgar, Angron and Curze and so far he seems to be doing ok my dilema is this, i am torn between wether they should be chaos driven considering Lucians ties with Lorgar and Angron and Curze or should i make them loyalist as he seemed to get on ok with Gulliman and the gods know that the Imperium needs all the help they can get. when i get round to it i will be painting my own figures up and posting them on here but if you would like to read the stuff i done and cast your opinion then i would feel honoured.
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