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i just realised its all well and good saying i have a new legion but its not that good if you don't actually tell the people what they are all about. anyway here we go.

The Spartan Guard hail from the World of Eden, an exact twin of terra which caused a sensation for the Emperor as he was reminded of how beautiful Terra was when he was a ahem younger man (if he was ever such a thing). for millennia the populace lived with a High King ruling over lower kings and thier countries or states and based thier society upon ancient greece which leads the historians of the Imperium to believe that Eden was settled by a populace enamoured with the old stories of antiquity and had decided to found this glorious world based upon those ancient of days.
Lucian was found by the Queen of the griffons and raised as her son and raised within the cult of the worlds god Mortari. when Lucian was still a young man the man called The Tyrant usurped the throne by assainating the High King who had named Lucian as his successor, having no children of his own and maybe a hunch or other such insight saw the strange youth as the future of his people.
Civil war ensued and the tyrant captured Lucian placing him in what had become known as the killing ring in what he had hoped would see the end of this strange prince of the Mortari peaks and with his ascendance the gods that all Edonians shied away from were brought back into ascendance (these being the gods of chaos).
If the Tyrant thought that leaving Lucian at the mercy of the captured Griffons would see an end to it then he was sorely mistaken and like all Primarchs he matured within the fires of death and destruction that such gladitorial spectaculs produced a lot faster then a normal human.
It is in the ring that he became friends and brothers with two men who would become the first and second captains.

When the Tyrants neice discovered that her mother had been assassinated for daring to suggest that the strange man be exiled to another place and that her uncle would never defeat this mighty gladiator she took matters into her own hands and alongside the captain of the inner guard went to meet with this giant.
From this meeting the rebellion began and Lucian himself alongside his brothers and sisters of the ring fought thier way to the long deserted monastry and from here the earliest beginings of the Spartan Guard were born although they were known as the warriors of Mortari at this point.
The Civil war ended with the death of the Tyrant at the hands of Lucian who unusually for a Primarch married Elisha the neice of the traitor.
She died shortly after and the High King led his warriors into the lands of the assassins and killed all but the children, taking them back to the High City where they would be taught about the true god of Eden and not the monstristies that thier parents worshipped.

The Spartan Guard were born when the Emperor arrived with Lorgar, Angron and Curze. The populace were understandably terrified by the sight of not only what they thought were demons in red and gold armour but four giants that were even bigger and one that was so radient that they openly wept at the sight of him.
Lucian knew immediatly who he was as all Primarchs know thier father when they see him and he overheard his warrior brother Demetrius mutter "Come home with your shield or on it" thinking that they were all about to die defending thier lord, not that he needed much defending.
When the Emperor asked him to name the warriors that had come with him he recalled the tales the old high king had told him about a warrior state that was so feared in the old days of terras ancient history and named them the Spartan Guard.

The Monastry that had been dedicated to the warrior monks of Mortari was now the training and recruiting ground for the next generation of Space Marines and those still young enough to take the gene seed were transformed into the mighty warriors, those that were considered too old but still of some great value were enhanced so that they would live a little longer but were not fully transformed.
Unusually Lucian decreed that the female sisters he had shared blood with in the ring and who had been his late wifes own warriors be enhanced so that in his absence not only would the chapter master and the warriors too old to continue the fight in the stars defend thier home but the sisterhoods too and they were named The Daughters of Eden, The Sisterhood of Mortari, The children of Lucian and the Sisters of night.

During a gladitorial contest between Lucian and Angron which lasted a full day and night with no clear winner Angron called Lucian The Spartan an affectation that was taken by the Spartan Guard full fold and over the years he has also become known as The Shield Bearer, The curse of the Eldar, The Emperors Wrath amongst others.

The Spartan Guard travelled with the Night Lords for a while cememting thier bonds with the sons of Nostramo and thier Primarch and finally set on thier way.
They met the Dark Angels and this ended acrimoniously, a battle alongside thier emperor and the Ultramarines which saw the sixth company all but wiped out cememnted loyaties to them.

The Spartan Guard, the XII leigon are warriors suited and trained in all manners of warfare a bit like the British Royal Marine Commandos in the real world but they are especially gifted in mountain warfare. They also have an ability to render themselves invisble. It is believed that this comes from thier armour and the materials used to bend light around them making them invisble to the naked eye. Lucian has allowed the Mechanicum access to the schemtaics to this and it has been discovered that it is an old STC template long thought lost to the masters of Mars, in gratitude they make all Spartan Guard armour from this STC and the Spartan Guard are the only Leigon that has such Armour, although it was at first believed to be trickery and sorcery.
It is also believed that the natural camoflauge skills of the Spartan Guard allow it to work as well as it does.

The Spartan Guard Chaplains are highly revered and the most senior amongst them is Seranus a gifted wordsmith who can inspire warriors under his command to great feats of arms and loyalty.
The Innercircle of the Spartan Guard is called the Praetorian and this consits of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd; 4th and 5th Captains, the Lord of Librarians and the High Chaplain as well as the Equerry.
The Primarchs bodyguards are called the Griffon Riders and are 1st company's Terminators

This is what i have so far and as i said i am at the moment undecided as to wether or not to make them traitor or loyalist.

Lucian Dragos "The Spartan" Primarch
Anteaus 1st captain
Demetrius 2nd captain
Nikoli 3rd captain
Konan 4th captain (terran)
Largo 5th captain (terran)
Davinus equerry to the Spartan
Tanis Lord Librarian
Seranus High Chaplain
Rondu captain of the Griffon Riders Terminator Bodyguards of the primarch
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