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My own codex

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now, I was bored today and decided I am going to make my own codex. I am not going to follow this through and actually make the army I'm just doing it for fun! The army itself goes into war, and wins sometimes, without even having to kill any of the opposition. The Idea for this army I'm sure lots of you will call stupid, but I thought it was interesting. Taking lots of tech from the year 2010, (or a bit into the future) I am using a lot of these weapons - http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2010/01/sci-fi-weapons/8/
Including the nauseating weapon, the flash grenades, the active denial weapon and one of my favourites, the long range acoustic device. The thing is, none of these weaposn KILL. The army will be the elites of the imperial guard, which even have a religion (including the emperor inside of this religion) and they believe they shouldn't kill. The main infantry will use grenade launchers, the grenades themselves are flashbangs. Other types of infantry will be ones with tasers to take out armoured foe's (more powerful depending how powerful the armour is) and also the long range acoustic device (taking the form of a heavy weapon team) many of the weapons including the active denial weapon, long range acoustic device, nauseating weapon, use beams, where they pretty much always hit, and of course armour does nothing when there isn't a projectile. These weapons will auto hit, wound on a 6+ (incapacitate on 6+ more like) and no saves allowed, not much of the rules have been thought for but, believe me, this will be interesting!
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Lack of a point does not make a bullet less-than-lethal or less-lethal. Riot guns fire beanbags, extensible batons and rubber bullets, all at sub-sonic velocities... Somehow I don't think a fist-sized bag of rubber balls is going to hurt anyone in the 40k universe. Heck, I'd imagine even civilians would be immune to it :p
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