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My Nurgle Plague Tower (WIP)

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I'm currently converting a Nurgle Plague Tower for my csm.
At the moment, it stands just over 16" tall but will become taller.
What do you think of it so far?
Any ideas for what else I could do to it at the moment bearing in mind that i've pretty much just started it?
Here's what I have so far. The other models are there for scale.
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Heres some more pics of the tower.
Sorry its another PDF because my laptops all @!%?#-up at the moment and thats the only thing it says is 'compatible' at the moment:headbutt:
I am going to get a box of zombies and some nurglings which i'm going to have cavorting on the hull.:mrgreen:
Anyway tell me what you think
Bloody Nurglings stole my tank!

Finally brought some nurglings and put them randomly around on the hull.
Going to get some zombies soon...(not sure when)
As for the basilisk cannon it's some greenstuff that got whited out by the flash:headbutt:
Its actually quite long and the tower is really light so it balances fine:victory:
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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