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My Nurgle Plague Tower (WIP)

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I'm currently converting a Nurgle Plague Tower for my csm.
At the moment, it stands just over 16" tall but will become taller.
What do you think of it so far?
Any ideas for what else I could do to it at the moment bearing in mind that i've pretty much just started it?
Here's what I have so far. The other models are there for scale.
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Hi Super,

I love your idea, very nice approach.

Some ideas perhaps for you;

1). The sides of the tower, have you considered using putty, greenstuff, even perhaps resin like they do with rivers to make it look like they are walls of slime running down the tower?

2). Love the idea of the zombies around it, you could do jewelers chain, or anything that looks like chain links and make daisy chains of zombies to hang from each corner coming down. This be interesting, might make the tower look like it was wearing dreadlocks of zombies....

3). Another idea might be to fill the sides and back with plasticard that you can then put small drops or create mini craters then place over the tower wall to give it a pock marked effect, or do it strait onto the tower, however unsure how plaster etc would bind to the side of the tower well. greenstuff might work for that too.

Love the project. Please keep us updated.
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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