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so i been working on the lore for my chapter and i though i would throw the basics past u guys before i start to write it all up in cast of extra ideas (sorrys it did end up a little long thx for reading if u do) also psyker lore at bottom

so basicaly (pre heresy) we have the angels of iron space marines chapter they are chosen from the marines who show a strong affinity with weapons weather it be improving and making whole new ones (there like to machines and weapons what grey knights are to deamons) they all all chosen and sent to mars to work with the them and learn about all weapons and armor of the astartes. then once they have learned all they can they start there new role with the imperium . they travel to parts of the galaxy not traveled by others to test new special prototype arms and armor

so on this mission they had been send to a planet called (phobos x2793) to test a number of new tecs these were
mk VI reactive armor (this was a combo of str of power armor and captured eldar exarch armor )
cronosphere granades ( nades that slow time in there area)
stalker bolter vortex rounds (rounds that tryed to copy eldar d weapons)
bolter arch lighting rounds (rounds that are charged and arc between each other as they fly)
among others

so during the test there is a incident were something happens to the cache of vortex rounds (weather it be accident or sabotage ) were they all go off creating a blackhole thats out of control.

this is were it hard to keep stuff real (in a 40 world) so the angels get traped in the middle of this black hole useing the crono granades to slow the time around them to stop the full pressure of the black hole crushing them . now due to the time diff in and out of black holes what seems like not along time for them say 10 years is along time on the out side they have missed the whole of the heresy they had survived the black hole but everything around them had crushed in on itself soo much it had crystalised so they gathered there bearing and took in what had happened. they had also relased that they had been effected too the reactive armor and also go sooo hard that it too had crystalised and there psyker to feel the essence of there new world as if they had become part of the planet too (+1 toughness when played as chaos, iron hand CT when played as marines). being the marine they were they set out to under stand this new crystals which they spend about 100 years doing bringing them up to current time in 40k

they returned home to find things had changed mars was in torn they were treated as renegades and tainted due to there new armor and weapons and there psykers abilities to use these crystals .

so they went bk to there planet of crystal under the new name of the crystal wardens and set about building a new home form where they could find out what had happened while they were trapped and were they fitted into this new time where they touched by chaos or was there somthing else that had given them a chance to change events

only time will tell.

then i make a little lore for my pyskers (i going to make some rules to include them in marine and chaos lists as allies) in time this lore is for fun games only following them journey

pri shard bomb - template str 4 ap 4 assault 1 rending - (WC 1)
the psyker pushes his hands forwards sending a wave of razor sharp flechettes at there enemies

shard lance - 18" str 8 ap 1 beam (WC1)
the psyker forms a large shard and throws it at the enermy at high speed

crystal coating 24" blessing or maladiction (WC1) for allies +1 armor (max 2+) for enemies -1
the psyker use's his knowledge of the crystals to boost the armor of his allies or break his enemies

crystal joints 24" maladiction (WC1) unit loses d3 movement and 1 int
the psyker implants the enemies joins with crystals slowing them down and making it hard for them to move

crystal fortitude 18" blessing (WC1) unit gains relentless and eternal warrior
the psyker boosts his allies bones making them as sturdy as a building

shard wall 6" nova (WC2) units in the area count as having def nades and enemies treat the ground as difficult when charging
the psyker sends out waves of crystals facing the enemy making it hard for them to charge

shard storm 24" str 9 ap1 large blast rending (WC2) after dmg units hit gain stealth until there next turn
the psyker creates a massive storm of razor sharp crystals however some times the enemy gets lost in the shards.

this is a basic draft of what i looking at any comments or ideas welcome and again thx for reading

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Thats a really good background for your chapter. It will be interesting to see the interactions with other factions as they missed the heresy. I think its a great idea that you can use them as Space Marines or CSM. Your new psychic lore is really interesting, but i just have a few ideas/changes. In the power crystal coating, I think that it should probably WC2, as -/+ armour save is pretty good, or, if you want to make it more interesting, you could say that because the psyker doesn't completely understand the nature of the crystals, you could keep it WC1, but if you fail the psychic test, the psyker gets its own armour reduced by one. Also for the crystal fortitude, the description says it strengthens their bones, so I think slow and purposeful is more appropriate than relentless, but you could also say that because their bones are strengthened they also get feel no pain to accommodate for restricted movement. Besides that it is really good and I am very excited to hear more about this chapter/warband.
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