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I've honestly never had that problem. Any list I make is ALWAYS something that I will enjoy playing first and foremost. Yes, winning is fun. But I'm sick and twisted. I get more enjoyment out of taking units that while not bad or are horrible, but what I think would make an interesting combination. When I can take a unit and do something with it that no one would expect, that's my greatest satisfaction.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying pick things to set yourself up for failure. What I am saying, is pick things that are going to be fun to you. For example, I made an all CC GK list. 1500pts of troops dedicated to cutting things to pieces. No vehicles except a DP. (Yes they still had some guns of course, but shooting was second to what I wanted to do). I won a few and lost a few games. But I had so much fun playing that list.
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