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Hey everyone, newb here from NC. I don't actually play the game, but I've been sculpting for about 10 years, (seriously for 2 or 3) and have recently been lured into the world of 40k miniatures. I love the fluffy story bits, and the models are incredible. So you know, I'm Stokleplinger all over the internet, including xbox live, so feel free to drop me a line if you ever come across me somewhere else!

I've spent the last month or two trying to make the shift from 1:4-1:6 scale sculpture down to mini-customizations and fabrications. It hasn't been too hard of a jump, but it has made me flex my sculpting know-how and adaptability - greenstuff being very different from polymer clay and all. I've been working on my micro control and I think it's gone pretty well.

I haven't really had much luck with painting yet, maybe I'll take the plunge and get some citadel paints and really give it a shot some day, until then, I'll stick to sculpting and conversions.

My main goal is to get some commission work, either on GW conversions or from-scratch mini models, but we'll see how it goes.

Please check my deviantart site for examples of my 1:4-1:6 scale work, and maybe I'll update this thread with a link to my mini work whenever I post it.

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