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Is this an existing army or something you're planning to build? If existing- how do you usually fare and against which factions? Always interesting to see extreme builds like this and I love a horde.

If it's a new project I'd definitely consider losing one platoon and putting those points into tanks. I know it breaks the theme and can understand you not wanting to go ahead with it, but 500+ points in IG tanks can provide answers for anything and will let you take your turns faster without all those guys to move around. I think you could have three of any LR tank you want... even three executioners with plasma sponsons comes to less than that lascannon platoon, not that I recommend that specifically. Is that completely out of the question?

Otherwise I think I'd be tempted to cut down on infantry squads and put those points into more heavy weapon squads. When everything else is lasguns I think 6 autocannons, lascannons and missile launchers would be a bit underwhelming at 1850 points. I reckon it might be worth dropping (for example) 3 infantry squads for two more heavy weapon autocannon squads. When you already have so many men I think the benefits of 30 guys with lasguns doesn't outweigh six more S7 hits per turn which could make a big difference when the opponent is mechanised and the lasguns don't have anything to shoot at

It's an unusual list so I don't know if I'm giving good advice here but I'd really look into dropping a platoon for leman russes. You've still got well over 100 dudes and consider if you only field infantry and LR tanks you lose an element of target denial by having armour on the table BUT with a wall of AV14 pointed at the opponent they're going to have no good targets for stuff like autocannons which don't scratch the russes but are wasted on the infantry
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