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The Founding of the Wicked Heart

150 years ago the wicked heart were a loyalist space marine chapter known as The Emperors word. They were engaged in conflicts on Sardonis VII along with they Blood angels successor chapter The Red Seekers, They were engaged against the Traitor marines of the Word Bearers. In a Battle for an Abandoned hive city, they Emperors word were locked at a standstill when Chapter Master Zadorgun of the Emperor’s word decided to launch an attack to tip the balance in their favor , Leading The elite first Company of his chapter, he cut through the word bearers blocking his path, his goal was The enemies “Dark Apostle” and his elite Retinue. Upon Reaching them the bitter foes threw themselves together with a crash of arms, but ultimately the chaos infused abilities of the Heretics were to much for Zadorgun’s elite.

The Dark Apostle Ordered Zadorgun spared and taken as his personal captive. For years as the battle continued to rage for the planet Zadorgun was a captive of the traitors. Every Day he was subjected To Blasphemous litanies Decrying the holy light of the emperor, gradually Zadorgun was swayed until he no longer bathed in the emperor’s holy light, he had Transcended the Corpse gods rule, He was free. The Dark Apostle bade him free, but with one concession he would go back to his men and teach them the lessons he had learned.

Going to the Word bearers Daemon Forges in Their captured cities, He forged for himself A powerful weapon, a symbol of his power, Armour in Formidable terminator armour, Zadorgun Has been reborn as a Powerful renegade warlord. Returning with him was a Sorcerer of the Word Bearers, Akarthian, to help Zadorgun on the path to true enlightenment.

When Zadorgun returned to his men he was initially shunned and attacked by the captain of 1st company who had taken control of the chapter in his absence. After defeating him Zadorgun bade his men listen to his words, he told them of the false emperor’s lies and his false creed. He convinced them of the truth of his words. Thus were the Emperor’s Word Reborn as the Wicked Heart, This new name represented their new nature, no longer were they the defenders of humanity, they would make the imperium pay for deceiving them.

Zadorgun's First act against the Weakling Imperium was to order the Stike Cruiser Vigilant Fury to fire upon the Red Seekers Vessel Wings of Blood, The first Salvo dissapled the ship, and the following bombardments all but destroyed the ship. In the Dark Void of Space, The Wicked Heart Enacted bloody vengeance againt the Imperial Blockade, The stunned Commanders of the Imperial guard were incapable of reacting fast enough, and two more ships were lost before fire was returned. The Word Bearers had anticipated this action, and had brought ships from around the planet Behind the now reversed Imperial lines. The ensuing Battle was explosive and short lived. The Traitors controlled the void of space.

Upon The Planets Surface the Blood Seekers had launched a bloody attack against a Ruined City Controlled by the Word Bearers. If they had known that the Soldiers they had fought beside, and died beside as brothers were going to turn on them, things may have been different.

"Now! Now is the time! The time for vengeance! For fire, and for blood! Zadorgun roared to his assembled first company. All of their Imperial Regalia had been blasted and scoured from their Armour. Their Heraldry now the Book of the Word Bearers, the wellsrping of knowledge that had enlightened them all- superimposed over a blackened shrivelled Heart.

The decieved followers of the Golden Corpse are Before us! Let us end them!

"AYE!" Screamed the assembled warriors, all except for Akarthian, who merely sat in cold stone silence awaiting their their Thunderhawk Gunship to deploy them.

As the fighting between the loyalists and Word bearers raged below the Thunderhawk Gunship alighted slightly behind the heavy tanks and devastator squads of the Red Seekers, with a roar Zadorgun and his troops poured off of the assault ramp and into the ruins of the city, they attacked the gun emplacements and weapon teams wherever they were found. With no warning the loyalists stood no chance.

In the Centre of the fighting the Chapter Master of the Red Seekers was fighting against the Coryphaus of the Word Bearers, the Ancient Heretic was a skilled opponent however the Fury of his Lineage was upon The Grizzeled Chapter master, as he smote his foe down upon the bloodstained paving stones, the Wicked Heart Caught up to the battle, charging into the still swirling Melee they attacked the Red Armoured space Marines, The Word bearers new of the turning of the Wicked heart, so combat was Avoided between the two heretical forces.

In the Fierce Melee Zadorgun swung his Mighty Blade over and over, hewing foes apart in his fury, he sighted the foe he sought, the Chapter master of his once Brothers. Over the years of this campaign he had learned to call the fierce old warrior comrade, friend, and eventually brother. He had taught Zadorgun much of warfare, and of honour. But it had all been a lie! He would pay for his treachery! Roaring a challenge, the Chapter master turned to confront his new foe. When his eyes recognized who he saw he went into a shock, "Zadorgun!?" he called.

"What has become of you!"

Without uttering a word other than a beastial roar Zadorgun Launched his attack, the old warriors centuries of warfare took over, and he ducked the blow- Hammering his shoulder into Zadorguns midsection, but his Terminator armour stabilized the shock and he kept his feet. Planting his feet squarly he swung his blade downwards, catching the powerpack of his foe, slicing it in two.

As Sparks flew from the destroyed pack the chapter Master dropped to the ground and rolled, swinging his leg into the back of Zadorgun's Knee, Zadorgun fell with a crash, and his foe was Upon him, The Marine was getting slow though, the weight of his armour was almost too much without the assistance of the servos. He Lifted his ancient power sword above him, perparing to plunge its blade deep into Zadorgun.

As he summoned his energy, a Glowing Blade punched through his chest, mouth agape, leaking blood he fell to the side, above him stood Akarthian wreathed in a black nimbus from his hands to the tip of his staff.

getting to his feet Zadorgun looked down upon the dieing chapter Master, the ancient warrior looked up at his once friend, and uttered a single word before Zadorgun Plunged his blade into what had a second before been his head.

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