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My GT Heat 3

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Morning all!
Well, I have to say that heat had THE BEST atmosphere of any GT I've been to!
All my opponents gave me really good games, and I had a really good time.
Anyhoo, on with the breakdown

Black Templars vs. Daniel Folly's Necrons.

I was thinking on my way down to Warhammer World, I'll be ok as long as I'm not against any destroyer armies....
Thankfully, Dan only had 8 destroyers in his balanced 'Crons list along with a monolith, destroyer lord with wraith bodyguard, immortals and a couple of units of warriors.
The game went well for me, and I was able to Phase Out Dans army on turn 4, although in that time his phylacteried lord did get back up twice, one with 3 wounds, then again with two!

Result: Black Templar win! (massacre)

Black Templars vs Will Beeleys Nidzilla

Oof - game two, up to the top tables, and straight into the top tier lists!
This was going to be a tough one for me, as only around 800 points of my army is scoring, so I had to get into him and cause some damage - preferably with somewhat expendable non-scoring units... Also turn 6 onwards was to be played with nightfight rules, which meant I would have to get uncomfortably close to 7 TMC's...
This was my closest game of the weekend, and Will was a very cagey opponent. My unit of the match was my largest Crusader squads rhino, which despite having both its storm bolters blown off zoomed up to Will's lines and illuminated his lead carnifex with its searchlight - never has 1 point been better spent lol!
Random game length took us up to turn 8, and when we added up victory points after the game, I'd scraped a 185 point margin, giving me a win by 35 points.

Result : Black Templar win (narrow).

Black Templars vs David Minnis' Eldar

My first Flame On opponent of the weekend, Dave qualified third in his heat last year, so I knew I was in for a tough time - he was running 2 prisms, a falcon, wave serpent, fire dragons, harlequins, jetbike autarch, 2 units of pathfinders and some warp spiders... oh dear.
I'd like to point out at this juncture that I've never had such blazing luck as I had in the next hour. Both our forces came on piecemeal, and I was luck enough to get the roll off and choose to go second, enabling me to counter Daves reserves.
This is where it gets sickeningly lucky.... I one shot one killed all of the holo fielded tanks on the turns they arrived. Double 5 on the falcon, and double sixes on both the prisms!
Without his heavy support I was able to bombard Daves army, although his harlequins did a number on a crusader squad and my chaplain, they finally bought it on turn 6.

Result - Black Termplars win (massacre)

Day 2 to follow...
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Well done dude, 12th is mighty impressive with BT's.

Glad you enjoyed playing some of my fellow Flame On'ers (for the record Dave came 3rd at the Final - you beat Mr Eldar UK!) heard some good stories about you aswell from them.

Now you just gotta face more of us at the final.
IIRC there are only 10 of us going this year (compared to 20ish last year), the heat 3'ers let us down a little by continually playing each other and therefore all ending up on 10/11pts.

Though i'm sure with even just 10 we'll make a lasting impression :grin:

Plus there's plenty of time to corrupt others to the cause :biggrin:
Dont blaim the flame on crew, it looked by far the hardest heat. 170ppl!
I know, but just can't help but have a cheeky snipe.

From what i heard there was a mass of blue on blue (should that read red on red?) that made things hard for everyone involved. Anyway next year there may be enough of us to have our own heat :shok:
:laugh:We wouldn't wan't to go to the same heat, we would be guaranteed to knock each other out. What we want to do is spread ourselves between the heats and aim for a Flame On final.:wink:
but imagine what a heat that would be! 170 Flame On'ers! :shok::shok::shok:
True, that would be quite scary, it would be ace though. What I was saying was what an achievement it would be if we managed to get the majority of Flame On to the final.
Agreed (sorry thought that went without saying) but then unfortunalty the higher you would go the more odds on facing each other. And you tend to find on the top tables ppl aint has happy to swap tables.
its the problem that generally if you swap someone may be getting a more difficult match up. Why would a guy with mech tau, wanna swap to face a destroyer hoard, so there mate with Ba doesn't phase them out of qualifying? Also it has in my exp caused polling difficulties for the results sometimes as well. Tbh in the finals theres not so much reason to swap anyway
agreed but it would be nice say that they enter team names onto the system and set it so they don't pair up on day 1 for example. That way you are at least getting 3 new opponents. I know for a long time it was in the rules pack about this been and opportunity to play new ppl and therefore if you draw your mate, swap.

But as you say ppl can through hissy fits when they feel onto a sure thing/don't wanna pull their nemisis by been asked to swap.

In the past when i have done so, both me asking or been asked, i just do the classic 1-3 me, 4-6 my opponent thing. Let fate take control and live with it (as that is often the case with matchup's outside the top few tables - then you often know who's coming next by the small number of possible opponents).
Why did his opp wanna swap? There wasn't any FO Ork players at heat 2 this year so it can't have been for that. Plus i'm pretty sure Matt didn't play the same person twice.
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