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My Grey Knight Imperial Knight

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Remember... I'm a decent painter... Not a good painter.

Wanted to start a Grey Knight army... what better place to start than the BIGGEST PIECE IN THE ARMY!?

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I'm not seeing anything, man.
I finally got home and went back to just thumbnailing them in my Photobucket.
Ooooh nice! Where did the sword come from? There are some great ideas in this conversion mate, I particularly like the cannon and the use of Dark Angels shields for his heraldry.

If you want a bit more depth to the silver, then a wash of the new version of Asurman blue and a drybrush of silver and necron compound may be worth throwing in, but it looks pretty good!
its ok..a few things could be tidied up..but overall it not bad.
Thanks for the comments. My painting skill is probably a Novice/Intermediate, so I'm content with it for myself; I know I'll never be good or great or tournament-worthy, but I can manage a decent showing, I suppose. My Thousand Sons tend to come out better because it's simpler; just black, blue and gold. Nothing will ever top my own Heldrake.

The sword came from a Gundam accessory kit of all places; and that was the smallest piece on the sprue. The thing was meant for a blade nearly the size of a Titan, if non-eldar Titans ever carried swords. Original plan was a Dreadknight blade, but it was too small to replace the destroyer chainsword. Though on the Magaera's claw where this 'Nemesis sword' is, it looks decent. The missus suggested the current blade offered a splash of color contrast, and I agree.
Lovely job, a wee bit of tidying up, mainly on the carapace armour but a sweet looking mega mini mate, have a cookie
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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