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thinking of taking this list to a local gaming club in 2 weeks time. Just wanted a little input to see what people think. I don't have my codex or stormclaw supplement with me at the moment, so i might be a bit out on the points for Grukk and maybe the grot riggers for the gorkanaut. i'm sure i'm pretty much right with the rest of it. Hopefully i'm erring on the side of caution and over costing, and if i am that just means more boyz :biggrin:

will be using the Green Tide formation

HQ - 130

Grukk Face-Rippa

TROOPS - 1082

5 units of these
15x boyz S/C

3 units of these
11x boyz shootas
1x big shoota


Gorkanaut with grot riggers

Alternatively i was thinking to go all slugga/choppa units drop a nob from one of the sqauds and replace him with Grukk. Then get a big mek and give him the fixer upperz and stick him in the gorkanaut for a repair in the shooting phase as well as having the grot riggers.

If nothing else, i think it will be fun to play.

Any thoughts welcome.

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I like the second option and give the big mek a KFF as well just to add that 5 plus save because other than the gorkanaut you have nothing to provide long range fire power. I feel like it will be a lot putting the boyz on the table and taking them off just as fast.
You have little in the way of taking out heavy armor, no flyer threat
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