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So I was bored and decided to finally get around to writing up my flesh tearers fluff... After about a year... Yeah...
Anyway I've done about half of it now, the overall fluff, before I get into unique details about the various characters and squads I use, feel free to give your comments, point out spelling mistakes, suggest format changes, what ever, to make it easier to read or just better and more intresting or unique
The main pints I want to get across is the rage contained within their hearts (all my minis have genuine kitten hearts installed, I feel it makes them perform better on the field) yet their noble, aloof exterior
The whole thing is copy/paste directly out of apple notes

Flesh tearers fluff

expedition fleet CXVII

The flesh tearers expedition fleet led by chief epistolary Uriah has been roaming the void in the far reaches of the galaxy since they first split from their parent legion after the terrible events of the heresy. Although it is doubtful any warriors from those ancient times remain, aside from the dreadnoughts under their command, the force is still full of rage for their traitor kin, and have deep ties with their parent chapter still. In honour of this, and a laziness to have their armours sent refurbishments at a forge world, that the suits, particularly power armours still bear many blood angels iconography.
The force has left a bloody trail across the galaxy since they were formed, having put down everything from chaos uprising, to full blown ork Waaagh!s and tau expansions with brutal efficiency. On the few times the group has accepted the aid of other imperial forces, except that of the blood angels, the commanders of such detachments have always reported brutality and rage close to those of khorne, and even some reports of outright heresy. However the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowely in the imperium and is likely such reports were simply swept under the carpet as the task forces effectiveness rivals that of much more significant groups.

They have been riding the void in their flagship, battle barge 'vengeance's teeth', a huge monstrosity whose flanks are adorned with launch bays and boarding torpedo launchers, for the flesh tearers seldom fight a battle from across the silent void, preferring to revel in the blood of their foes, being carried to their victim within the iron sides of numerous breaching ships and torpedoes. The ship is escorted by a small fleet ranging from a pair of cruisers to smaller vessels baring the big guns and other vital elements.

What the commanders don't know of course is that every battle brother in the task force walks the fine line between relative sanity and the black rage as they are all haunted by vivid images of sanguinius' brutal betrayal at the hands of Horus. They walk such a fine line so closely in fact that many an imperial attendant on their battle barge has found themselves under some very nasty circumstances at very little provocation.
When in battle the flesh tearers use this rage to full extent, falling on the enemy with fist and blade as rapidly as their jump packs can allow, often jumping out of ancient storm birds and screeching down to land directly within their foes midst's. It is even debatable whether or not some battle brothers cross the line, falling into the cloud of blood lust known as the black rage and stepping back again once they have been satisfied, or remain there as the hierarchy turns a blind eye, so long as they don't draw the blood of a fellow astartes.

On the rare occasions in which the battle group is not engaged in bloody combat they can be mistaken for a very noble group. For in times of rest upon their battle barge they adopt a very aloof and noble air, confident in their own abilities and too patriotic. Many of them spend their time boasting over the horrific scars they have accumulated over decades of warfare and sparing on the training decks. Their armours are always covered in zealous iconography, still proudly barring huge gouges and craters just like their wearers yet finely polished and gleaming in all the splendour of war, from holy parchments and binding ropes. Although their left arm, bearing their chapter symbol, is always left unblemished and resplendent, showing proudly their brotherhood and loyalties.

Unseen under the outer layers of the flesh tearers suits however is the fact that their armour bares a number of subtle modifications, of which many of the mechanicum do not approve. One such modification is that all over the suit, particularly in the helmet and greaves, the suit has a variety of micropore tube systems, similar to that used on dreadnoughts, that catches the blood of the foes they slay and carries it straight into the helmet of the warrior, in order to sate their blood list without the warrior resorting to ditching the helm, putting them at great risk during the conflict. Other such adaptions include larger, more powerful engines within their chain swords, so that they may more easily tear through armour, flesh and bone during the slaughter of combat.

There are many significant characters within this task force, all with a pivotal role to play.

First off there is the chief epistolary Uriah who has taken command of the task force as of the absence of a captain or other such ranking individual. His physic might is beyond many other psykers which has led to some tension, and combined with his rage in combat, has led to some doubt on exactly where he got these powers from. He goes to war clad in a hulking suit of terminator armour, caring his storm shield baring the holy words of the emperor and his force axe whose head is that of the Aquila, through which he channels his immense mind to unleash baleful energies upon his foes, boiling their blood within their very veins, as it explodes in gory fountains. Much to the flesh tearers delight. He often supports the venerable terminator breaching squad Rafel as they provide him with all the protection and brute force he needs to keep his mind on the destruction it can bring.
When not in battle however he commands with every bit the insight a commander needs, never throwing away a brothers life needlessly or without due thought. When in times of hardship however, he prefers to share his burden with senior sanguinary priests Azriel and Arran as their views and unique insight into the capabilities of the astartes are always welcome.

Next in the chain are the senior sanguinary priests Azriel and Arran. Azriel Officially holds the rank of chief apothecary of task force CXVII yet they are treated as equals in the task force. Azriel commonly leads assault pack vengeance into the fray, he often leads by example, tearing apart the enemy from the front lines with his energised chain sword when no battle brother needs attending to. Arran On the other hand mostly leads terminator breaching squad Rafel Into battle, making sure that when the shield wall fails and a brother falls, the wall can continue and the brother is not lost. These individuals are charged with the upkeep of not just the bodies of their warriors but also their minds, they are men warriors turn to for advice or guidance outside the spiritual, which is left to the chaplain. They are also those charged with given the fallen their final rights, and recovering what can be recovered. In this respect they have one of the hardest jobs in the army, as they personally bear the death of every fallen brother on their shoulders, they see the final light leave their eyes and deliver the emperors grace when their skills cannot stretch far enough.

Terminator breaching squad Rafel is who the flesh turn to when they need something big bringing down. Whether it is a renegade knight Titan or a heavy emplacement of some kind, this ten strong force of behemoths all wielding the enormous thunder hammer and protected by the powerful energy fields of storm shields, they will bring it down with the minimum casualties it could ever be done with. The squad is so named as they are typically the ones battering down the doors of any bastion or bunker marked for destruction, and ones first splattering it's occupants under their endless wrath. It's sergeant, brother Rafel is a very charismatic leader, leading directly from the front, making sure the shield wall does not faulter and personally bringing the emperors judgment to any enemies that may provide some risk to his squad or others, such a champion of chaos or even a rampaging tyranid beast. A veteran of so many wars that it is rumoured amongst his men that he fought alongside the twin furioso dreadnoughts attached to the task force, although neither will confirm or deny that fact.

Entering combat upon the wings of vengeance, delivered by storm bird is assault pack vengeance, comprised of squads Ezra and Elias. These men are the first in, and often the last out of any standard combat, leaping head first with little regard for personal safety as they tear the enemy apart often with their bare hands and knuckles, if their chain swords leave to clean a tear. When they enter the fray by storm bird drop off, they commonly drop from high altitude, plunging through the fog of war at impossible speeds, to activate their packs at the last possible second to slam down in the dust of a thousand worlds, emerging from the smoking crater like a beast from hell. The two squads comprising the pack stick tightly together during a battle, this allows a single sanguinary priest to easily manage the warriors of both squads during a battle, as well as using a hammer blow strike to rip a huge tear in the enemy lines, to be exploited by any squads or armour that may be in support. The squads carry melta guns with which to blast a hole in the side of a transport or bunker, through which the squads may begin there slaughter in previously unknown places. The powerful guns however are equally useful for wounding large tyranid creatures so horrifically they are almost beyond fighting, or blasting apart a fearsome character before they can become a problem. The sergeants of the squad, Ezra and Elias go to war equipped either with a power fist with which to crush the skull of any savage foe he may encounter, or a pair of lighting claws with which to rend apart entire ranks into gory shreds. Such is these men's bravado, or maybe stupidity, that they always seem to have plenty of horrific scars. Such is the skill of their accompanying priest that only very few actually fall, many have been able to shrug off plasma blasts point blank to the chest and still fight on, later having huge burn marks to sport, and very angry attendants who are stuck rebuilding their molten slag of a breast plate.

Backing up the force are the twin dreadnoughts Zachary and Zachariya. These dreadnoughts have been serving since before the heresy, born of the same mother on a distant world the were recruited together and have fought together since those times. It is even possible that they once served alongside sanguinius himself, although Zachary's vox com was torn out with a fight with a blood thirster shortly after his entombment, and his brother refuses to speak of the matter. The twins both fell back to back during the heresy, fighting off their traitor brethren to protect their fallen sergeant, once the battle was won, the brothers were found together, surrounded by bodies ripped apart by chain blades, their wounds were thought beyond saving, even within the cruel embrace of a dreadnought sarcophagus, yet they pulled through to fight another day for the honour of their chapter.
Zachary fights with a pair of blood claws enormous lighting claws to fit a dreadnought that can scythe down entire squads in a single sweep. Retractable, they can be turned into titanic fists with which the dreadnought can smash apart buildings, vehicles or anything you can throw at it. Zachariya on the other hand is fitted with an ancient frag cannon, a magna grapple and blood fist. With this he can pull in a doomed transport vehicle, peel it open like a tin can using his fist, then spray the occupants down with his ginormous arm mounted shotgun before they've even had a chance to bail out. The two insist on fighting as a pair even now, and should one be some how brought down, his brother will surely enter a rage of such proportion that non such stay his wrath. Delivered right into the heart of the battle via drop pod, the enemy will likely have no chance to strike back until it far to late as the giants of adamantine are upon them.

Enjoy! Your advice is always welcome

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Okay I'm at home at last again and have edited in the names of my squads, as well as made a couple of tiny adjustments

So what do you think?
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