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Hey, I haven't played GW for nearly 10 years and this is my first attempt at making scenery to get back into it.

I'm making a city of death board and some buildings to go along with it, mainly made from cardboard and odd bits. The stones/statue underbits are made from polystyrene.

I'm also painting a honored imperium set which i'll show too.

The statue underbits made from polysterene, coated with black acrylic paint and dry brushed with different acrylic grey paints.

The ruined building made of cardboard, with drysand ontop.

Coated with black acrylic paint then dry brushed with different variants of grey.

Top view of the second floor.

View of the side of the wall.

View of the side of the wall #2

2 AA batteries painted as fuel cannisters (later to be attached with straws to the building - sorry about the darkness of the shot).

Added a drain with the batteries and some GW water effects stuff.

My first EVER attempt at bases. Their for my noise marines

Would love some constructive criticism on how to improve and to see anything that I've missed that I could have potentially done.

I'm planning on making some more ruins for my city of death map so any suggestions on materials to use would be awesome aswell. :so_happy:

p.s. Do you think I should make windows in my current ruin or leave it as it is?
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