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Just chiming in to concur...

Excellent paintjobs in dark earthy-toned colours.
Nicely uniform but still Orky to the core.

I do also stress the barrels. Unlike shaantitus, I do have drilled all the barrels in my 5-6K Ork horde, so I do have the right to speak:grin:

Also, one minor constructive feedback...
I see that you paint the glyphs in the same colour as your armour (eg the shoulder pad of that combi-melta Ork). It would seriously up the coolness of your models should you make them stand out.
This can be done by using a contrasting colour, but for your dark colourscheme, it might be better to use a lighter tone like mix 1:1 Fiery Orange or Sunburst Yellow into the red you used for the rest of the armour.

For the rest, I'm giving you all the rep I can for this cool unit!
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