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I had a strange urge to buy and paint a model as I was walking past my local GW.
The next thing I knew, I was walking out of the store with the sexy new Ahriman model. Now, as I haven't painted anything in over a decade, nor do I intend on collecting any armies, I really didn't want to have to shell out big money on the overly expensive GW range of paints. As I paint a lot anyway and have a reasonable selection of artists acrylics at home, I decided to those. I had read on forums that normal artists acrylics work fine on miniatures.

Well...they don't. I need to apply at least 2 coats to get anywhere near a decent pigment and even with a primer the paint just slides off. My acrylics are not high end, but they are certainly not cheap either. They're a good standard acrylic with a good pigment. Why they come out so poorly on the model is beyond me.

So right now Ahriman is still mostly sprued up and primed and it will likely stay that way until I either buy new paints or find a way to make my acrylics work. :-(

Also, I have decided to go for a slightly different colour scheme with him, which is made all the more difficult by this paint issue.
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