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So this is my first list. Me and my friends decided to keep it simple and do 500pt lists with no fliers or vehicles (Bikes and jetbikes are allowed. Tanks and transports are not allowed ). The armies I'll be facing are chaos daemons and dark angels. The dark angels player has lots of terminators to work with. The list I made is:

Edit: I forgot to mention we are playing in 6th edition seeing as thst the books we have.

Chaos Lord: lightning claw; lightning claw; sigil of corruption; Mark of Nurgle; Chaos bike; melta bombs 160
He can go hunt monstrous creatures or other special targets.

10 Chaos Cultists: flamer 55
10 Chaos Cultists: flamer 55
Hold objectives/ sand bag enemy's if needed

3 Obliterators: Mark of Nurgle 228
Unleash hell

498 points

Any and all advice/help is appreciated. Also if possible with any suggestions made could you explain why seeing as I'm still learning the game. Thank you all
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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