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My first stab at an army list. Admittedly, I'm a newbie - just assembling and painting for quite some time - so I've taken on-board ideas I've come across around the web:

100 Inquisitor Coteaz
225 Librarian - 2 servo skulls, ML3 - Might of Titan, Quicksilver, and Shrouding

175 Henchmen warband #1 - 3xCrusaders, 6xDCA (sword+axe), Rhino
175 Henchmen warband #2 - 3xCrusaders, 6xDCA (sword+axe), Rhino

165 Henchmen warband #3 - 3xCrusaders, 8xDCA (sword+axe)

240 Strike Squad - Psybolt, 2xPsycannon

Heavy Support
260 Land Raider Crusader - Psybolt
205 Dreadknight - Teleporter
205 Dreadknight - Teleporter

100 Aegis Defense line - Quad-Gun

The plan is to place the fortifications in midfield, 6" in front of my Strike Squad and Coteaz, and walk them into place as a gun line.

Henchmen warband #3 will be in the LRC with the Librarian. Not sure whether to park this in midfield cover (with Shrouding) and take potshots or to dive into the fray.

Meanwhile warbands #1 and #2 will wander over to the opposition in Rhinos while my teleporting dreadknights offer a bit of a distraction.

How does that sound? Will that work in theory/practice? I'm not so much looking to be overtly competitive, more for the fun side.

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How does that sound? Will that work in theory/practice? I'm not so much looking to be overtly competitive, more for the fun side.
Hi KO,

I play GK myself zo let me just cent some cents in.

If you take two dreadknights, you really want to go "all the way" and get them the heavy incinerator and sword. Incinerators wil let you flame units and side armour. Great for taking out the cheap troop choices that are real popular. The sword makes sure anything you hit will really die. You don't want to get bogged down with that expensive unit. (Be carefull of fearless and stubborn units.)

(Usually dreadknights are supported by interceptor squads. Awesome tournament build.)

If you really like henchmen (great conversion options) your choices may be really good, but taking 3 of those expensive units... it's a bit over the top. The unit in the landraider is fine (AV14 will give it some protection), but the units in rhino's are bound to get shot. AV11 is just too vunerable.

I'm not sold on the ADL. You have an army that is short ranged and slightly CC oriented. Also a lot of armies nowadays just ignore your coversaves. A sky shield or bastion might serve you better.

Right now your modelcount is very low with mostly bad saves on your troops (claiming).

Have fun!
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