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So I recently had my first game with the new rules, and I got to say it was random as hell but yet somehow was a lot more entertaining then any of my recent games using 7th. Unfortunately I didn't really get a great picture of how all the new rules work since my opponent decided to switch from the agreed upon 1000-850 range to a 750? pt game at the last minute. A change that really hurt me more then him since VC at that point level are really on the weak side. Also he was from what I could tell sorta power gaming me, but oh well the new rules really helped balance out the power of the daemons rule book so it was still anyone's game.

Our armies looked roughly like this.

-Horrors 10
-Horrors 10
-Horrors 15 + standard
-Flamers 6 WTF
-Harald + (What ever that thing is that give it the flamers ranged attack)

-skeletons 20 standard
-Skeletons 20 champ, musician, war banner
-3 wraiths (Stupid choice against daemons I know, but its all I had with me at the time)
-Vampire + Bloody Hauberk + Biting blade.
-Necro + VDM (I know that I shouldn't have been able to have another hero at such low points, but it was such short notice I forgot to removing him while quickly adjusting my points to fit the game.)

So I won't bore you with the play by play, but here are some highlights from the game.

-My vamp lost control 3 times each time rolling detonation killing a total of 9 of my own skeletons, and 3 of his horrors during the course of the game.
-His harald miscast trying to pull off the 6th tzeentch spell, he rolled a 12 then a 4 on the d3 roll costing his herald all his magic capabilities, but it really didn't matter since my only surviving model my vamp killed the herald in the following turn.
-his flamers shot at my vampire generating 17 shots 5 of which hit (he only needed a 4+ to hit) then only inflicting 1 wound that I subsequently saved.
-I rolled two two's for two of my magic phases, and he rolled double sixes twice during the course of the game for his magic phase's.

End of the game.
So at the end of the game (We where just playing battle line scenario to keep things simple) he had 1 unit of horrors, and 4 flamers who where tide up with my lone vampire, at the end of the game. While I had only my...lone vampire. Still it was still a draw, since I captured his only banner, and killed his general which brought our pt total to almost perfectly equal. Still if he tries that stupid magical gun line again I swear I am taking a all ghoul army, and ghoul kin so which should only give him 1 turn of shooting before I'm on top of him.

-Oh quick note for all my fellow VC players out their. At 1500 pt game it is possible to have your general casting, and dispelling everything with a automatic +5, and if your feeling mean you can dispel with a automatic +7 (Corpse carts), and cast invocation with a extra +6 using the blood line abilities.
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