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KD's advice is very good. I have a little to add.

On the subject of flamers, these work fairly badly in the hands of troops with a 6" move. If you think about it, it is unusual to find yourself in a position where you can move forward and flame a lot of a unit but where they didn't charge you on the turn before. Flamers work well if you can move fast, either with bikes, jump packs or a transport, or if you can deep strike. They are especially bad if you want to charge the unit you are flaming, as they tend to cause break tests and your opponent might just remove all the models in charge range as casualties.

Oblitorators are an excellent unit for deep striking in my opinion. A unit of one oblitorator can get up to all sorts of nuisance when it deep strikes since it can choose to have a twin linked flamer, twin linked plasma gun or twin linked melta gun. Alternatively, sometimes you can deep strike it far, far away from the enemy, say into an empty quarter in cleanse or a counter in secure and control, and it can happily sit there shooting a lascannon into the side armour of tanks.

If you had a bunch of nurgle marines and terminators wandering forwards and shooting stuff with plasma then they might suffer from fast stuff that moved around fast and shot them from far away. The oblitorators would provide an ideal bit of utility by either porting in to an icon and giving close support or landing far off and shooting stuff in the sides. Alternatively they can always deploy on the board on turn 1 and advance along with everyone else, firing as they go.
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