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Welcome to the service of the Ruinous Powers!
The list is pretty good. Now just for a few tweaks:

1) The CSM squad should lose the heavy bolter and replace with another plasma gun.(I'm assuming the squad layout is that its 'right from the box').
Mixing 1 heavy weapon and one assault/rapid fire weapon is not focused enough. 2 plasma guns, 2 flamers or 2 meltaguns, depending on your opposing forces is the best bet. Since you are facing Chaos, plasma guns in tandem should deal with most problems.

2) Dreadnaughts. Chaos Dreads are prone to shooting their own units, and with that twin-linked lascannon EVERYTHING on your side could be hurt. If you must absolutely have the Dread on your list, drop the Lascannon and replace with another Close combat weapon. I would drop imo.

3) Terminators with reaper autocannons are wasted points, drop them for more combi weapons, or just save points. Chaos terminators are great when they cost less than 35 points each.

4) With the 2 squads of terminators, having a couple of personal icons on the aspiring champs would allow you to have the terminators wait in reserves and come in support where needed.

5) with the points saved from dropping the Dread and the reapers, you could get a squad of 2 Obliterators( who also benefit from the icons, see point 4).

Good luck!


World Eater
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