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So I finally got some Nurgles going and played 2 7th edition games. Sadly the Typhus I have is at my dads house so I had to use a proxy( :( ). Here is what the Typhus looks like https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd...._=1421098723_2f24dec3ef56011ff46d6eeac3b38963, https://scontent-a-nrt.xx.fbcdn.net...=e9200c66d4298327f31a0c71d0073947&oe=54B30484. I did NOT pain him a friend of my dads did this guy is FAr more talented than I ever will be.

So beyond that, to the GAMES! We did 850 points, so kept them small. I used two 7 model units of plague marines. One unit had a melta and Rhino (with a Havoc Launcher). The other one was using a plasma gun and thus no rhino. 30 zombies and Typhus. He brought tactical marines, sniper scouts, a Razorback with twin linked lascannons (killed my rhino turn one!), a marine captain with tactical marines termies (vanilla with no extra stuff), and a Dreadnaught. First match was against my friends Space Marines. That match was weird we pretty much just sat towards our end of the table in bolter range and kept shooting at one another. He came in to invade my objectives towards the end but by that time it was too late. He got his terms down turn 4. Typhus killed 3 of them first turn with plague wind (that is one good power), another died to plague marine plasma fire and the last one got squashed by Typhus and his manreaper. Won The game 5 pts vs 2.

Next I went up against Tyranids. He brought 2 squads of termigaunts (one was devil gaunts), a flyrant(I hate him I will explain why), Zoanthropes and Raveners. His flyrant was a PAIN he didn't do your normal close combat flyrant he did the twin linked devourers Flyrant. He never brought him down just had him glide the whole game shooting off shots and using psychic powers. Luckily with Typhus I was able to shut down a lot of his powers, but he did the same to me sooo yeah. He put a LOT of fire of Typhus and the zombies... I love zombies they just don't go away! Same with Plague marines they just won't die! We didn't get first blood till like turn 4 when I removed Typhus from the zombies to assault the Zoanthropes but I made a tactical misstep and targeted another unit with a psychic power and thus couldn't assault the Zoanthropes so he threw EVERYTHING at Typhus. We were tied till then, then he got like 4 points with tactical objectives and such. So I surrendered. :(

So far I really like this army. Plague marines are just such fun they won't die. In the marine game my friend threw EVERYTHING at one squad on turn and I STILL had 3 left. Those zombies just don't die they are the bane of single shot high power weapons. I thought Typhus was almost only useful in combat but his powers are actually really good and do some stupid damage. I have decided next time I go up against my Tyranid friend (I am so sad I lost this one since Tyranids were my main army for 13 years I should know what to do against them) I am just going to ignore his flyrant (he was 300 points! leaving only 550 for everyone else) and annihilate the rest of his army. 12 brain leech worm shots suck, but everything in my army is is T5(except for the zombies) and has FNP. That flyrant can't kill everything and can't claim objectives. Fun games though.
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