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My Conversions and WIP

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Ok so instead of posting a new thread every time i convert something (it comes in waves) i figured id just make a conversions thread, hope thats ok.
CnC is always welcoma and much apreciated

ok so here are my Nurglings, the one with legs still needs feet (they should get better the more I do):

And heres my WIP obliterator he still needs some greenstuff (i ran out):

And here are my 2 newest plague marines:

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Thanks alot ^^, I am going to leave it on and skin free to show how he is mocking the Imperium :D
Thanks thats kind of what i was going for but more to try the exposed cable thing that svart was showing, i added the jump pack to give him the bulky obliterator look.
Ok and here are my plague marines painted, sorry about the pics my camera would now behave at all

The one in the middle is my avatar
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Ha ha thanks anyway :D
Thanks, I'm looking to have a whole squad of those guys... eventually will keep ppics updated
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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