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my whole life since 12 has been influenced by 40k so since i started playing i always wanted to have a unique army, so in all that time now that im 19 ive been able to collect and come up with this please feel free to comment as it would most apreciated.

The arc angels

Shortly after the creation of the Codex astartes, a chapter was comissioned from the geneseed of either Rogal Dorn Or Corax, the records have since been destroyed but it was belived to be a combination of mind. The chapter was created to be a pure deployment numbers bolstering canon foder for extreme warzones. The chapter was called the Arc Angels, and in the year 143.M38 The Chapter fell into the hands of and aspiring commander named Sergian Makavehli, he introduced strict doctrines and earned every marines respect with his words and faith. He led the chapter into 200 year glory campaign, until he rested apon the planet of Angelis. By right of the Astartes who crusades any conquered planet may be claimed as a home world. Angelis prime became the palace stronghold of the Arc Angels.

In 343.M38 An emergency distress call from a neighboring star system claimed to be under piracy terror from chaos warbands, Makavehli ordered the 4th and 7th companies to mobalize for war. The campaign lasted 3 months and saw the fiskle choas forces purged, but as the 4th and 7th returned for their glory the chapter discovered they had been decieved. A champion of Chaos known as Drecon Vala has sent a miniscule fraction of his force to be destroyed and intended to attack after the marines had left. The 4th and 7th mobalized again but have never been heard from since the left space port. The are presumed to have been anahilated, all 200 geneseeds sacrificed to the dark gods and believed to have been the cause of Dracons ascension to deamonhood, Now known as Vah'Lash daemon prince and the Gods.

Makavehli was horrified by the dissapearance and sent the 3rd company to investigate, the sole survivors to return tell a grisly tale and a horde of chaos so vile and mad that even an astartes soul trembles. Makavehli learned that Vah'Lash was headed for Angelis prime to erradicate the chapter and earn the favor of his dark Gods.

All was thought to be lost, when two Apocalypse class battleships entered there solar system claimed to be assistance from the imperial guard. Angelis prime, once a beautiful lush, paradise dug in for a terror not known since Angron attacked Armageddon.

Vah'Lash arrived and personally spearheaded the opening battle, which through devastating losses the Bardic Marshes, once green and full of life were know swamps of gore and death.

The initial siege lasted 394 days, with the loyalist losing the whole 5th company of arc angels, severe losses to the 8th company and over 27,000 lives lost from the imperial reserves. Makavehli and his chapter enjoyed a bitter first victory as the battle above raged on.

Vah'lash surprised the imperial strategos with organized reenforcements from crazed traitor armies from all over the sector, and quickly after sever space battle losses attacked in a bigger second wave.

The loyalists should have been wiped out, logicaly they should have been destroyed after the 4th hour of fighting, but with every ounce of manpower the Arc Angels held there ground for 242 days, of brutal inch by inch slaughtering. Until The Lord, Grandmaster Sergian Makavehli, along with his personal body guard the "Guardian Angels" Challenged Vah'Lash in combat. For three terran days Vah'Lash could not best the Lord Makavehli, and the Guardian Angels were reduced to 2 men who had been wounded both by the daemon Vah'Lashs weapon . In single combat Lord Makavehli defeated Vah'Lash, severing the daemons head from his body and banishing him to the warp for 1023 years. The traitors broke and retreated, left to be picked off by the surviving imperial fleet. Lord Makavehli himself walked 23 miles back to the palace sanctuary, unassisted until he arrived and collapsed on the temple floor. His 2 remaining Guardian Angels nearly bled dry to save the life of the grand master. It was deemed that Lord Makavehli would survive, but would have to be placed in stasis to in strategic timing, be operated on in order to guarantee a sucessful recovery.

In the aftermath the few remaining imperial guard were honored as citizens and defenders of Angelis Prime. The planet had been reduced to a waste zone, but was slowly being regenerated by the means of an ancient terraforming device. The chapter was deemed to have suffered irreparable losses, the fate of the Arc Angels lied in the hands of Adept Lorenz Tiasco who by some random fate vanished into the warp. The Arc Angels the tallied there roster and saw that if they struggled at the highest point of repair, they could be a chapter once again. The apointed 1st capatain and acting chapter master to be first chosen was Quinter Armagost, who for 567 years led the chapter on a quest for repair and study. Captain Armagost, tragically parished when his rhino detonated by a Random energycell overload. By this point the Chapter had enough streagnth to muster a small but effective strike force, who under the command of two captains were cordinated into emergency rescue squads in hotile gorvenment zones of neighboring starsystems. Lord Makavehli would like in stasis until the year 673.M41, when, by this time the Arc Angels had recovered an entire company of marines, and was led by three captains as a savage merciless hand of vengeance of the emperor.

The chapter had been for 34 years under the command of 1st captain Vazilli Kultzer, who had somehow under the many passing years come to practice the learning that that the Arc Angels had failed the Emperor and only through death were they forgiven. The chapter once again reached dangerously low numbers when the newly apointed 2nd captain Mason Rockwell awoke the Grand Lord Chapter Master Sergian Makavehli.

Makavehli was Awoken for the first time in 893 years since his last operation. He was extremely weak, but with the vital donations of blood from over 14 marines Makavehli ordered Captain Kultzer to give up his acting Chapter master status as the Grand Lord had finaly reawoken.

By 873.M41 Lord Makavehli has led his recovering chapter once more into the battle fields of the 41st mellenium, the Arc Angels earning fame as exceptional assault and defencesive troops. Lord Makavehli has not graced the field of battle yet, waiting for Vah'Lash to return, so that he can banish him once more to the warp for another thousand years of peace
The arc angels will fight till they are forgiven.... Sgt Danikov

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looks good, i find an exciting story like a cut sceen of a battle that hints at some of teh interesting stuff is a good way of getting your chapter history "out there" so to speak.
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