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Love this work, seen some Chaos tau before that was truely impressive, completely blew my mind, But even still, this made me think, 'wow nice work.' So your really living up to the competition!

Loved the horns on the Railgun as said above, I dunno why, just looks... Right.

For your devilfish, I know it's obvious, but i saw a Rhino earlier, that was literally COVERED in those Racks of Spikes, you get like 5 of them in a Rhino Sprue, and this rhino had like 30 Racks, completely lining every edge, at every angle. At first i thought... Mmmmm It's abit tacky, but the more you look at it, its like Actually... Thats BAD-ASSED.

I'm doing that when i finally buy my final Rhino! X]

And lol, your voice isn't annoying at all, just gristly, Which is fine :p

Keep up the good work. :}
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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