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"Not to embrace the cheese, but Glory of the Crusade"

Changing from Blood Angels (sooo strong nowdays) to Black Templars is a respetable choice, i do praise your braveness!

someday you would get your revenge (new templar dex)

After all my chaplain prayer:

The Emperor champion is compulsory, lacking real Character-effects, the emperor champion give you that, so if you are playing over 750 points you MUST place him.

Remember that fluffy and game wise, the crusader squads are great with initiates (space marines) and neophytes (scouts) make it 5-5 so you save lots of points to improvements in combat like power fist, melta or plasma. the neophytes are the one to receive the punishment of AP weapons, like plasma cannons and lascannon.

Helbrecht is not a great choice alone, but if you put with his neophyte squad he could make it great (i recommend you place the sargent with 2 attacks with the power fist)

Remember that now the comand squad with the apoc receive FEEL NO PAIN, im sad that the terminator command squad cannot use that.
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