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my army's fluff

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Chapter: Silver scarabs
God: Nurgle
Leader: Lord infirmus

Lord Infirmus:
Originally known as High Marshal Carver and for a time was as loyal as the most devoted space marine to the Emperor. His strategic skills as well as his combat ability did not go unnoticed. The Emperor trusted Carver this allowed Carver to pursue his own agenda without notice. He became obsessed with bio-warfare to soften up the enemy and thus lowering the loss of marines on the battle field. His intentions were pure, but Nurgle would not let such a unique knowledge of the art of death and decay go to waste Nurgle began to whisper into his dreams and spread lies in his mind. Carver became ever more obsessed and reckless with his research of bio-warfare; Carver began testing on small populations on remote planets without care or concern. Horus heresy occurred it was the time for him to honor his new master Nurgle.
In the early months of the heresy Carver was named Lord Infirmus. Infirmus did not directly follow Horus or any of his followers and seemed only to improve his technology and test it on poor unsuspecting imperial worlds. It has not changed since then rampaging across the galaxy and slaughtering for Nurgle. Although Infirmus is known for is plagues, bacteria ect but he is not to be underestimated in combat he is almost unable to feel pain and fights with skill that rivals any warrior

The scarabs make extensive use of viral and bacterial weaponry. Flamers spray fast acting contagions that can incapacitate the toughest warrior within seconds. Tank shells contain fine powders that is scattered with the blast that delivers the deadly payload straight into the lungs of the enemy. Specially customized Demolishers relinquishes fire power capabilities to house a huge viral bomb that is rushed straight into the enemy ranks and then detonated releasing a deadly cocktail of flesh eating bacteria and a highly contagious respiratory virus. Grenades are much like that of the deaths heads used by the Death Guard. Even the corrupted bolter is modified to be able to load the “infected” bolts that cause gruesome pestilent wounds. Even the slightest touch from a follower could be a deadly weapon.

Although no roots or ties to the death guard the scarabs follow a similar ethos of medium range and heavy infantry they also don’t make extensive use of vehicles.

It is already known that the scarabs make extensive use bio-weaponry. How ever they also use the bodies of their fallen to infect the enemy by air dropping the bodies behind enemy lines. When directly infecting the enemy is not practical Infirum might choose to corrupt the water or food supply thus starving the enemy to death. If the enemy accepts Nurgle as their true master they will be spared from the effects of the plagues and accepted as a scarab, for this reason the ranks of the scarabs is always becoming stronger making them a serious threat to the imperium.
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Relly cool backgroud!! I could perfectly imagine GW coming up with that. You should do just for fun stats on your lord with special rules!! Cool
thanks O'sharan. Well I have started to engineer my special character go have a look in the general 40k section.
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