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My Abaddon

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K heres the Abaddon ive been working on for a while and hes my first try at layering hope it turned out well :D

I really like the sword, but feedback on what is good/bad what i can do better would be awsome :D
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The links to the larger pictures don't seem to be working, but from what I can see, he looks pretty good. The sword blade is well done, but the details in the metallic parts and the face seem a bit lost. I'm not a good painter though, so I don't know what to suggest to pick out the details.
Swords looks great, things to work on would be highlighting the black and gold and getting some layering in the face.

Good start though, keep it up.
Thanks and was thinking about maybe using some black ink wash or a dark ink wash to make him look a little more aged any sugestions?
could you post some bigger pics so we can get a proper look?
Yeah, it looks great, but the links aren't working.
If you use Flesh wash on the skin and the gold it should work well.
I can try to get bigger... but for some reason thats the biggest i can get off the hosting site :( maybe ill try to get em off of my photobucket account or just put up a link once ive uploaded those pics
Oh and for diluted ink washes what would be the mix's you guys normally use like 50/50 or 70/30 or something?
I usually use about 50/50 for Flesh wash and I don't dilute for black but then again I do usually like my metal quite dark.
Gonna experiment with the black ink wash on my asp champ so he looks more "aged" then the rest of the squad since they're my first squad painted they're being labled "the n00bie squad" :lol: get pics up asap, need to take care of a plasma gunner though, anyone got any favorite colors they prefer for plasma open to ideas, cant decide between blue green or red, thinking blue but green might be cool too, dont think red because im doing word bearers and thatmay just bee TOO much red :?
Cheers Torealis, the new pics change my intial thoughts on the black. I think with the amount of black that is on it and the postion of it highlighting it would be insanly hard. Just got with the flesh wash for the gold and the flesh. Then go back over the gold with well gold and drybrush along it. Go back over the flesh with a lighter flesh paint as well focussing on the high point of the face.

In regards to plasma guns, for Chaos I would go with Green actually, to make it look more demonic etc. My thinking is that if its been in the Eye Of Terror for any great lenght of time it isn't going to be plasma any more its going to be some deamon cocktail of death so use a different colour.

The sword looks great by the way, I know I've said it before but still, great work.
Thanks! the sword was the main focus of this model but i tried some bone layering as well as the cloth shadowing, plus its hard to tell but his hair goes from a black, very quickly to a red in the front thats where it stands out most, but if you look at where the hair starts you can see the change /hopefully/ this was a bigtime experiment for me and im glad you guys like it, and gonna do some touch ups on the face, not so sure about the gold, might to a brownish or black inkwash for the gold, i think i would like the looks of that best, but we'll see, ill get more pics up when ive made more progress, and thanks a helluva lot tor!
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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