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Chaos Army- Shadow Disciples 2533pts

HQ- Kharn The Betrayer [/COLOR]
Yep, Mr. Betrayer is a must :wild:
]HQ- Chaos Lord with Jetpack and dual lightning claws
Ok, I hate Raptors,i really really don't like them, so i'd personally drop him, and It'd be worth buying a Daemon Prince, you can get a new plastic model for £20, It's a lovely model, Nice and simple to paint, definitely worth the money

]Elites- X10 Khorne Terminators w/ : Reaper/pwr wpn, Reaper/pwr wpn, bolter/chainfist, bolter/pwr wpn/Reaper/pwr wpn, combi-flamer/chainfist, heavy flamer/chainfist, combi-melta/ pwr fist, combi-flamer/pwr fist, bolter/ pwr wpn.
If your trying to Loose a few points, 10 Terminators is a TAD overkill, a nice squad of 5, with 5 Combi weapons, Maybe a few Powerfists, and a chainfist, is much nicer, costs less, and is legal (You can't take 3 Reaper Autocannons in a Termie squad)

Troops- X8 khorne beserkers w/ pistol, CC wpn. champ w/ pwr fist/pistol
I don't tend to take the Plasma Pistols, But you do want 8 'Zerkers, including a Champion with Powerfist, so your fine, i'm just against Plasma. Are these in a Rhino? They NEED A rhino with Extra Armour.

Troops- X11 Chaos space marines w/ 1 plasma gun, 1 melta gun, and champ w/ plas. pistol/ pwr wpn
I think your better off making it into a squad of 10, with 2 Meltagun and an Aspiring Champion with Powerfist.. Again i tend to stay away from Plasma.

Troops- X6 Converted Plague Marines w/ 1 melta, 1 plas'pistol, champ w/ pwr fist/ plas pistol
It's a shame you don't have 1 more of these, squads of 7 Plague Marines work wonders... These need a Rhino again, it's a pain having to buy more, but they're must haves.

Fast Attack- X5 Chaos Raptors w/ 1 melta, champ with dual lightning claws
As said before... I hate raptors, whether you wanna keep them is up to you, but i wont comment.

Heavy Support- Chaos Land Raider w/ twin linked lascannons, havoc launcher, twin hvy bolters.
You need Daemonic Possession on this, I tend to drop the Havoc Launcher and give it the DP.

Heavy Support- Chaos Defiler w/ twin linked reaper auto-cannon, and close combat weapon
Nope, Defilers always need 4 DCCW's, So drop the Autocannon, The problem is, Defilers are such big targets, that they get killed very quickly, You need to consider getting a 2nd, otherwise not using it at all.

Heavy Support- Chaos Dreadnaught w/ twin linked lascannon, and missile launcher
This is an Elite unit, not a Heavy Support; I tend to take it with 1 Combat Arm with Heavy Flamer in it, and a Lascannon. But be Very Careful, these things can go nuts and shoot your own units, with a Lascannon arm you could easily end up blowing up your own tank... So it's a safer choice to go with Combat-Arm and Missile Launcher... Then on the otherhand i like my Dread's to have plasma cannons, because it's cool.

Heavy Support- X3 Obiterators
K Good, Oblits are always welcome.

Heavy Support-[B X8 chaos havocs w/ lascannon, hvy bolter, missile launcher, reaper cannon

I don't really do Havocs, worth asking someone else about those

Transport-[/COLOR] X1 Chaos Rhino
What does this Belong to? You'll wanna get a few more of these!

Ok i won this army off of ebay the Defiler can be taken apart and made into a rhino i think its a good list there was also another HQ that was in the auction not sure about him i will link its info please tell me what you think[/COLOR]
For the Record if you could turn a Defiler into a Rhino i would eat my Khârn model.

HQ - Lord of Khorne a OOP juggernaught converted from a fantasy beastigor, holding a 2 handed demon weapon of khorne ( which gives +2D6 attacks)
Ignoring the Weapon which is just a Daemon Weapon, which is an upgrade; this is just a Chaos Lord with a mount, if you read the Codex entry it says you can give your Lord a Mount, that's what this is, Just Khorne Themed, i do like these as a Model, but if you can't really put Infantry HQ's With a squad, then They're ineffective, killed too easily.

Ok; I'll start with letting you know that RED Text, is reserved for moderators, sadly us Khorne players are limited to Yellow or Gold! :ireful2:

Your going to need to decide on a Points limit to play by, sadly 2533points isn't as widely used a Landmark as For instance... 1,500...

With you Stuff I'd probably recommend you go to 2,500 Points, So it's just a case of losing the 33 Points, But I'd also STRONGLY recommend that you also makea 1,500points List, as it's more common, and you'll be able to play more games.

Good Warring :wild:

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Don't show me the picture, I don't fancy digesting my 3rd favourite Model :biggrin:

Blood for the blood God indeed :wild:

Check out the Khorne Army list compendium (link in Signature) For ideas on Khorne lists, Theres about 27 there, should be one you like the look of. :]

Good warring! :wild:
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