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Wulfrick 180
Sorcerer lvl 2 145

18 Warriors FC, Mok, additional hand weapon=318
18 Warriors FC, Mok, additional hand weapon=318
40 Marauders FC, MoK, Flails= 430
20 Marauders FC, MoN, Light armour=210 (Wulfrick is in this unit)
5 Chaos War hounds=30
5 Chaos war hounds=30
5 Knights FC, Enscrolled Weapons, MoK=255
1 Gorebeast chariot= 130 (any marks worth it?)
Hellcannon= 210
1 Spawn= 50
So that is my list, i only have play about 5 games with a friend, im starting to get more into this and I think i will be joining a campaign that's played in my area, looking for thoughts on my list and ideas. Also thinking about a Warshrine, not sure if its worth it. My idea with the 20 guys and wulfrick is that 20 guys hitting from the rear cant be ignored and can take out any weapon teams in the back. right now this list is at 2176. I also could use ideas for a list at 2500. All advice welcome

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That group of 20 is better off w/ a weapon upgrade rather than the armor. There's a lot of shooting out there that's going to just ignore the armor.

As for a mark on the gorebeast chariot, MoS to ignore any panic or MoN to make it harder to hit in combat.

If there's not going to be a character in a unit, you can probably forget the champions ... unless you're planning on doing a lot of challenging to try to get a DP or 3. Put the points from the champs into more marauders or a weapon upgrade for Wulfrik's unit.

Not a huge fan of spawn. They can be slow and die to easily. More marauders in Wulfrik's unit.

Add a standard bearer to the knights and give them the Gleaming Pennant. It's cheap and can help against an early attempt at Frenzy-baiting your knights. Be careful w/ your knights. They're the fastest thing out there besides the dogs. While they may have a 1+ save, they're not invulnerable. Don't get them stranded on their own.

Maybe give one of the units of warriors halberds to give the army some extra punch vs high armor/T units.

Building to 2500 - throw in some Skullcrushers. They'll fit your Khornite theme quite nicely! :eek:k:
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