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my 1k chaos list

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hey me again

right heres the list some advice would be appreciative:

daemon weapon

10x marines:
a. champ
power fist
plasma gun

9x beserkers:
skull cha,p
plasma pistol

5x havocs
missle launcher
hvy boter

TL lascannon
hvy bolters
extra armour
havoc launcher

good reading plz dont be too brutal with the comments :p
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not much else can be said, the regular marine squad needs a rhino, & id be more willing to give them 2 meltas than 1 plasma (just me)

the zerks prolly dont need the plasma pistol, so theres enough points for the rhino

rest of the list i dont think as much of an issue (although the havocs are rather expensive)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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