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Herald of The Warp
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Hmm let's see. It's a all-around list I take it, so I will start by saying that it could be a bit more focused on each area in my opinion.

Always fun to have and invisibility is insane.

Herald of Slaanesh
Psycher level 1
Lesser and Greater reward
I would dump the rewards and buy a exaulted locus of beguilement instead. Combine it with the Daemonette squad and you got a herald that gives the entire squad re-rolls to hit, with 3 attacks on the charge. Keep her out of challenges and combat, and use her to buff your squad instead.

Herald of Tzeentch
Psycher level 3
Exalted reward
Disc of Tzeentch
Nothing to add, as long as you go with the screamers as a escort.

16 Deamonettes of Slaanesh
Instrument of Chaos
Allures with lesser reward
Dump the allures and her reward, and the instrument. Use the points to buff it up to a full 20-man squad in my opinion.

16 Horrors of Tzeentch
Use some of your excess points and make 2 x 11 squads instead of 1 x 16 man squad. You get more psyker masteries (4 in total) and more flexibility as both units can roll on the demonology table, so a higher chance of the good spells.

5 Screamers of Tzeentch
Nothing to add, as a escort and armorbane unit.

10 Seekers of Slaanesh
Icon of Chaos
Heartseeker with lesser reward
Again, dump the heartseeker and her reward. The unit doesn't need it to be devastating as a full on hardpressing unit.

Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
Have never used this myself, so I will leave it in for the fun of it.

Soul Grinder
Daemon of Slaanesh
Baleful torrent
Sure, why not - Barbecue!
With the changes above, I would suggest a list that is the following:


Herald of Tzeentch
- Mastery lvl 3
- Exaulted reward
- Disc of Tzeentch

Herald of Slaanesh
- Mastery lvl 1
- Exaulted Locus of Beguilement

20 x Daemonettes

11 x Pink Horrors

11 x Pink Horrors

5 x Screamers

10 x Seekers

Exaulted Chariot of Tzeentch


- Daemon of Slaanesh
- Baleful Torrent

Total: 1498 points

Keep the Herald of Slaanesh with the Daemonettes and keep her secure. She's not there to fight, she's there to do psyker stuff and make the unit even more deadly in close combat. Otherwise, do your worst with the units you have - It may be a bit more random in the deepstriking section than your list, but I think it's a bit more focused and it can bring a lot of pain to the enemy.

I hope it helps and look forward to seeing your progress. Do we get to see the paintjobs as well? :D

Herald of The Warp
2,752 Posts
Yeah I know rewards are expensive and might not be worth it, but I just like to roll on random tables. Good chance to get some extra protection if needed or a lash or either blade. She is usually my warlord.
Hehe trust me I know the feeling :good:. Just make sure, that if she accepts a challenge, that it is one you will win. If you loose, the entire squad gets a big hit not just her. With this setup her biggest strength is the sheer killing power she gives her unit, not necessarily her alone.

Again thanks for the advice Nordicus
Anytime man - If you need anything else, just give me a tag and I'll gladly help out. Looking forward to seeing the army painted and in progress :good:
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