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Hi all, Some time ago I started planning an Iron Warriors list with some IA13 Renegades.... As I approach the end of painting my 15k Black Templars I have been hoarding as much chaos as possible in order to slowly build some fluff based armies....

So far I have amassed a large amount of old stuff, new stuff and other stuff that needs forming into some armies. I have fortuitously acquired a significant amount of chaos which included a fair few characters. I had originally planned to do Iron Warriors - and still do want to keep them as my primary CAD - but want to do a number of smaller CADs to follow their characters.

The characters I have are listed below, with an outline of that I think they would go with. but I could use some help as I'm used to doing LRC riding Templars with minimal tactics apart from 'hit em with chainswords'.

I want to keep them as fluffy as possible; I don’t play that many games so I don’t really mind if the armies aren't game winning - I do want to keep them in the theme of the force commander though. I also want to keep all of the non IW forces limited to an absolute maximum of 1000 points, and that's at a push (although admittedly some may be pushing this - Abaddon, looking at you!). The IW armies are going to be the main stay and I'm trying to build Honsou's Bloodborn army out of about 4 CADs, so the 'supplementary' CAD armies are more like an honour guard for their respective character.

BLACK LEGION (1xHQ, 2xTp, 1xEl)
Abaddon the Despoiler - 265
Terminators + Land Raider
[Termies and Abaddon in LR, chosen footslog]

Huron Blackheart - 160
Combat Marines + Rhino
Bolter Marines
[Huron and combat marines in Rhino, Bolter dudes hold pinch points]

KHORNE (1xHQ, 2xTp, 1xFA)
Kharn the Betrayer - 160
Combat Marines MoK + Rhino
Storm Eagle
[Kharn and berserkers in SE, Marines in Rhino]

NURGLE (1xHQ, 2xTp, 1xEl)
Typhus - 230
Plague Marines
Ranged Cultists MoN
Land Raider
[Typhus and Termies in LR, Plague marines and cultists footslog]

SLAANESH (1xHQ, 2xTp, 1xFA)
Lucius the Eternal - 165
Noise Marines + Rhino
Combat Cultists MoS
[Lucius and Guitar heroes in Rhino, cultists form a bubble, raptors DS in]

Thousand Sons
Bolter Marines MoT
[Dont really know what to do with this lot]

On the back of this lot I've got 4 CADs of Iron Warriors basically ready to build based on four general deployment/tactic doctrines: armoured, daemon engines, swift assault and meatgrinder.

On the side of all of these, there will be an associated allied detachment based on the IA13 book tempered to their parent army.

Any help on what to do with Huron and Ahriman greatly apreciated (and the others as well).

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I'm a little confused what you mean by "primary detachments," since that term just means whatever detachment your Warlord is in. Are you talking about Combined Arms Detachments?

Yes, edited above
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