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Good day, comrades!

Please, tell me one thing.
There are two opinions in our club for multiple assault

1 - If you want to make a multi assault with a unit (not a single model), you subsequently declare assault in one (unit A), then move your first model to it and also declare assault in another unit (unit B) with another "first" model (truly - second), moving out of coherency with the first one to unit B, (then unit C, etc.) but other models move as in rulebook.

2 - You assault ONE unit (unit A) with the first model, move other models as per rulebook restrictions on assaulting models, and if there is a possibility to make btb with another enemy unit (unit B), then you make a multi assault (2" restrictions for coherency and other stuff).

Which one is right?
Or both are not?

From Russia with love!
Thank you in advance!
Have a nice day!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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