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I have been asked a couple of times how I do the mud on my Ork vehicles.

So here is a quick and simple tutorial for my mud recipe.

Stuff youz needin.

Stiff Brush ( about sze 3).
Your earth colour used on mini bases (in my case GW Foundation Khemri Earth).
A few pinches of the static flock you use on your armies bases. ( Scorched in this case).
An acrylic texture medium see below.

A quick word about Acrylic Textured Medium from hobby and craft shops.

Some cunning sod has basically taken acrylic white TILE GROUT and repackaged at a significant mark up. You can buy tile grout from any hardware or DIY store. You get more for your money. probably more than you will ever use. I suggest getting some hobbyist mates and splitting a tub and the cost.

NB. Beware fungicidal grouts, they are pretty nasty if you get some in your mouth.
Wash your hands and brushes well after using it if you cannot find one without fungicide, it can make you feel rather sick.

Making mud pie.

First stage is to dry brush and stipple the track/wheels in the paint.

Take a two parts Texture to one part paint and a clump of flock about equal to both those.

Now you get to squish stuff together.
It will seem a bit dry, this is right, too wet and it settles into blobs rather than clumps before it dries.

Apply clumps to places that is is likely to have been flicked up or caught between bits.

If you wait a while after applying until it is partially dry you can then tease the clumps about a bit with a cocktail stick or some such to make a rougher texture.

And that's about it, for extra detail you could dry brush a lighter shade or wash it back. I don't, but that is up to you.

Hope this is useful to someone. Viscount Vash.

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Superb. I think I shall use this for my next commission. (Doing a baneblade hopefully for a chap in Australia)

Look forward to seeing that.

I have edited a bit in to the tut but I will mention it here too.

If you wait until the clump mixture is partially dry a stick can be used to tease the flock in it to a rougher drier texture.
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