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So after a bit of a break from gaming in general, i've decided to start up a Tzeentch Daemons army. Hopefully in the future it will be allied with some Chaos Marines - i'm considering an unbound allies list of Tzeentch Terminators.

This project might not be the fastest moving project log ever, due to work commitments etc, but heck I hope the updates I provide are of some entertainment to some of you

And what better model to start a log with, than Big Bird himself - Ae'taos'Rau'Keres

Seen here as a very WIP assembly - as much as this kit is all kinds of awesome, the actual fitting together of it - not so much :(

He was going to be a display piece to go with my half finished Ang'grath that I snagged off ebay, but he might see game use in 40k at some point so he'll be getting a custom round base.

Also, I shall apologize in advance for any photo quality - i'm using a cellphone camera and while its pretty decent, its certainly no DSLR.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts