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Mourn the Chose

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My Iron Warriors lord has a fun back story i made for him. He Started as a normal chaos space marine, fighting and laying siege to many Imperial cities. Till one day his squad was lead into a trap by the Imperium of Man. Out number and out gunned he and his troops held their ground, as the Chaos Lord fell, Mourn took over. He lead his squad in a counter attacked that pushed the Imperial Guard back, but whipped out most of his forces. Stranded, cut off, and still out number, all hope seemed lost, till his dark prayers were answered. As a squad of Space Marine Terminators teleported in something happened, something unspeakable. It was like a thousand voices screaming all at once, the sky began to rain bolts of lightning, the ground begain to break from beneath them, as the Terminators began their charge they stopped in horror as Mourn began to transform, his body began to twist and turn, bones snapping and cracking, His few remaining soldiers knew what was happening. They knew that Mourn was changing into a legendary Demon Prince. Mourn began to grow in size, the Terminators snapped out of fear and charged in only to be cut down. Mourn had become a Mighty demon prince, and with in the hour, all the gun batterys had silenced as Mourn the Chosen claimed the last Imperial life in that area.

Mourn turned this planet into his staging ground and used the Imperial Machines to help craft a new bionic parts for his body, and uses his demonic powers to move and power them. He is not well know yet, but soon the Universe will fear the Name Mourn and know the true horror of his forces.

Well, thats the rough draft, needs work, but thats the back story to my Demon Prince (who was converted and is over 50% Bionic :victory:).
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