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Well, having finally unpacked all the crap Zaphia's minions brought with them from Joliet, I decided now was a good time to crush the Ork Empire of My Friend's Gaming Room.

Simple, put-it-all-on-the-table-now game, 2000 points a side (with one SC, he had Ghazkul, I had Chapter Msater Zaphia using the Apocalypse rules). We fought over the Orkified remains of a city (As I still have to rebuild Kasr Lutien after the move).

We deployed at the same time, randomly placing units down. I had one side of my line anchored with a Land Raider, while my Terminators and a Tactical unit with a Lascannon had the other side. Zaphia's command team and another three Tactical squads lined up in the middle, supported by Devastators wielding Heavy Bolters, and a Predator. A Dreadnought was in reserve.

His deployment had Thraka with a unit of Mega Armor Nobz on the Terminator side, with a horde of Slugga Boys, supported by Shoota Boyz behind them. A unit of Lootaz with Lascannon were perched on the highest building on his side, and Tankbustaz and a unit of Killa Kanz were on the Land Raider side. A Dred mob was in the center.

-Turn 1-
I rolled a 1 for turn, and he went first. He immediately moved all his infantry up, and the Dreds and Kanz. Thraka charged straight up, his Nobz losing two wounds to Soopa Charged Mega Armor. A trukk drove straight into rapid fire range of a Tactical squad next to the Land Raider, and deployed Tankbustaz. The rest of the horde moved as far foreward as possible. Ork shooting was ineffective, I only lost six Marines and a saved wound from the Command Squad. The Predator was immobilised by a lucky Las shot. On a better note, Oops! Sorry Mate! caused a Loota to be blow into green chunks by the weapons.

The Mountain Angels shuffled around a bit, and the Land Raider opened things by blowing the Trukk into molten blobs, killing two Tankbustaz. The Tactical squad nearest the Raider fired it's plasma gun into the squad, killing a furthuer Ork. A fusillade of bolter fire killed the remaining two Tankbustaz, and a Krak missile blasted the Nob back to Gork. The second squad was completely disoriented by Thraka bearing down on them, and missed a ridiculous eight shots. A missile blew a Mega Armor Nob away, and the Predator killed a Dred. Zaphia fired a plasma gun at Thraka, wounding him. His retinue fired, but caused no wounds. The Devs reaped a gory tally among the Sluggaz, killing ten. The Termies opened up with asscannon on the far side, killing a further six.

-Turn Two-

The Orks howled (translation: my friend screamed WAAAAAGH!!!! as Thraka hit the Tactical squad), and charged my line. Sluggaz hit every unit on the board except my Devs, Zaphia's squad, the tanks, and Thraka's chosen unit. Causing eighteen casualties among the squads, and one Termie. Thraka charged the second unit (The only one with no casualties), and killed four. The Marines struck back, and a second Nob was pulped by a Power Fist.

I had little choices as to targets, but eviscerated the four remaining Kans with massed Las fire. The Lootaz were pulped by Heavy Bolter fire. The Machine Spirit on the Land Raider fired the Heavy Bolters at a mob of Shootaz, causing two kills. Zaphia commended his soul to the Emperor, and charged Thraka. The two lords faced off, and Thraka was wounded four times. Well, he rolled a


And a one.

And a one.

And (Guess what?) a one.

As Thraka howled in death (And my friend in disbelief!) Master Zaphia stood triumphant over the Ork's corpse. His retinue lost a Marine to the Nobz, but the Company Champion and Sergeant managed to killl the last two. The last Marine on the left died, after killing fiur Orks. Zaphia consolidated into the biggest Slugga mob. The Terminators lost two more of their number, and pulped three more Orks. The Orks failed their mob check and broke. The last five Shoota Boyz also failed their mob check, and bolted off the table.

-Turn Three-

The few unengaged Ork units moved closer, two more Shoota teams and a fifteen-strong unit of Sluggaz. A second Trukka mob screamed down the table, and ended right in front of the Devastators. The last two Dreds assaulted the Pred, and ripped it into dining utensils. The Orks attacking the Command squad lost nine of their number to Zaphia, the Champion, and a Sergeant, and broke. Zaphia caught them and they died.

The Land Raider spied the Dreds, and fired a Godhammer at the closest, killing it. A Krak missile fired from a three-man Space Marine squad killed the second. The Termies fired their asscannons again and ripped the fleeing Orks to shreds. The Machine Spirit managed a shot on the Trukk, and it exploded onto the Raider, stunning it. Six out of twelve Orks died in the blast.

-Turn Four-

At this point, there were literally thirty Orks on the table, out of close to a hundred and twenty beginning. I had 9 out of 10 Devs, a stunned Land Raider, Zaphia's command squad minus a Marine, Two termies with asscannons, and a Three-man Tactical Squad. He used a Slugga Mob to smash the Termies and Marines to bitz, and then shot up the command team's Apothecary. My Devs ripped the Sluggaz apart, and a final pistol shot from the sergeant killed the last one. Zaphia charged the Shoota mob, and killed them all except for the Nob, who wounded Zaphia twice with a Power Klaw. the Champion took the Ork's head off, securing a win for the Mountain Angels!

*Sorry about the no-pic battle, my camera is still impounded by my deadbeat mooching brother.

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