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The Space Marine tactical squad is ubiquitous. Perhaps this is because it is often a 'starter' squad, but I'm certain that this is the best selling 40k box there has been over the last 20 years.

Ork Boyz are similarly popular, and it's rare to see an ork army without a small horde of them!

My personal favourite is the baneblade though. Those tanks are all that is protected firepower!

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Tactical marines and troop chaos marines will be up there. CSM have been my main faction since getting into the hobby, and when I dream up fluff it's always the standard tactical guys that are the protagonists

Terminators and dreads because they're gangsta

Carnifexes, genestealers and tyranid warriors because (similar to CSM troops, terminators and dreadnoughts) people on forums are always discussing the best ways to make them work. If those units didn't have a popular appeal people would just use more effective alternatives

The Leman Russ battle tank. Another unit that isn't what it was on the table, but for me it's the most iconic IG unit. Similar to the carnifex and genestealer, people will continue to use them even if they aren't the optimal choice
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