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Most Elite non-inquisition army?

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What non-inquisition army is the most 'elite' (least models)?

I've been playing Imperial Guard for a while now, and I'm in desperate need of a change. I want to make a small (maybe 1000pt max) army of elite models as a break from the hundreds of guardsmen I've been painting and playing with lately.

I don't want an Inquisition army, as the fluff doesn't sit well with me, but other than that I don't really mind what army it is. The first armies that came to mind were Dark Angels and Chaos Marines. Any suggestions?
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Woooo! Blood Angels! I've started painting models, and I'll be write up an army list some time soon and post it. :victory:
wow, obsidian, you must have heaps of money to have so many models and so many armies..>.> darn you...:grin:
I think BA are about the most popular chapter here in HO as far as members who play them goes, so you;ll have plenty of experienced hands around to help.
Where did you get that from? lol most people play chapters they've created and I see a lot more people with dark angels as there main army rather than blood angels=D
Perhaps we just tend to notice the people who play the same armies as you.

We're certainly a popular army if nothing els e
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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